JUGS Team News: I'm Moving to Ireland


The rumors are true! JUGS co-founder, Cameron is making a big change and moving away from Boston after eight years here! 


I love Boston. I grew up in the suburbs and moved downtown immediately after college. I've built my career here, made lifelong friendships here, and have truly made this place my home. I could live here forever and be perfectly content and happy (unless snowpocalypse 2015 repeats itself). But this past fall, an opportunity came along that challenged my idea of happiness and my vision for my future.

My fiance, Mike, was offered a promotion at his company's Dublin office. He works for Hubspot - which is obviously huge in Boston - but also has a fairly large presence in Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and others. And while the feminist side of me was like: you can't give up your career for your partner's, you've worked so hard to establish yourself in Boston.... the other side was saying: ummm, you could live in Europe. This is a chance to grow and travel.... this could even be GOOD for your career. 

The wanderlust side won, hands down. 


To be honest, I know close to nothing about Ireland. Sometimes I feel as though I'm the only Bostonian without Irish heritage. Luckily, I went there for three days last summer while side-kicking it on one of Mike's business trips. So, I at least have a small impression of Dublin and the beautiful nearby town of Howth. I am excited, however, to learn about Ireland's rich history while living there (I'm officially leaving Boston in 6 weeks... eeeek!). It's almost like a second chance at college study abroad! I have the rare opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture. I know it will be hard, but I'm looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime.

I'm following in the footsteps of our other co-author, Suzanne who moved to Los Angeles in 2016, and moving thousands of miles away, where I have no family, friends, or other safety nets, to pursue my next chapter. 



The great thing about the interwebs is that it connects us internationally, so I will continue to contribute to JUGS from afar. In fact, with writers in Dublin, Boston, and LA -- JUGs will soon span half the globe! We're excited to start taking our message further and broaden this network of amazing women. For now, the Ladies Lounge event series is on hiatus, but we hope to someday reboot in Boston and beyond - so stay tuned. Keep an eye out for new, more globalized content and lots more travel guides. Please also feel free to suggest topics to us, because we always want to be relevant and loyal to you, our readers. We're thrilled that this blog will grow and evolve as we do!