Pure Glow Tanning organic ingredients


Being one of the millions of Irish girls in Boston and beyond, sunlight is both a friend and a foe.  For our loyal readers, you may remember our former column, True Confessions, and I'm going to share another now.  I had a lapse in judgment in my teenage years by not just visiting a tanning salon, but working at one.  The perk at the time was unlimited use of tanning equipment, which ended up leaving an impression more permanent than just a glow.  Rather, my annual visit to my dermatologist revealed that I had melanoma on my back, and quickly had surgery to remove the "dot" (as in, the size of what a pen makes on paper).

Luckily, we are now in an age where sunless tanning salons do not present much harm.  In fact, one of our favorite places to get our glow on presents their ingredients publicly, online!  You should absolutely know what you are putting on your body.  Hardly anything on this list that is unfamiliar or tough to pronounce:

Purified de-mineralized water

Certified organic aloe barbadensis extract


Witch hazel

Caramelized sugar

Caramel citral

Almond extract

Cranberry seed extract

Vanilla planiflora

Termindia gerinandiana

Backhousia citriodora 

Vitamin E & vitamin C



This list is a great confirmation of paraben-free ingredients in the base, so we choose organic spray tans like those at Pure Glow whenever possible before a big event.  Plus, the spray is adhering to skin cells that are essentially dead, and are likely to shed within the following 14 days or so.  Be sure to call PureGlow today (you can even tip via VenMo!) for your next appointment!



This post in partnership with PureGlow, all opinions are author's own.  Photos from PureGlow.