The Week of December 4th

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Around Boston

Be sure to RSVP for tomorrow night's Ladies Lounge!  In our current political and social climate, this topic is as important as ever!

Looking to get ahead at the airport soon?  Here's how you can try CLEAR for two months (note: not at every major airport, but expected to be in the future)

Boston neighborhoods are huge restaurant destinations, see where you should dine next.

We pass by them everyday, let's not take these "instagramable" spots for granted!

Career & Finance

Here are some fantastic tips from high-powered female executives.

Negotiating a new job soon?  Read over these recommendations as you're finalizing things.

Money management is always important, but especially near the holidays.  And here is how you can plan your time off in 2018.

Health & Beauty

New "it" girl of the world outlines her keys to wellness.

Think your food sensitivity is temporary or is it for life?  Interesting read.

The eye gel that seems like a must-ask from Santa.

Style & Decor

All the women, who are independent, throw your hands up at this.

These homes really give hardwood floor a run for their money.

Still don't have your Christmas tree?  Follow this guide.

For all of the Kirkland-loving gals out there, check out what you can actually buy at Costco for your home decor.

Aren't men the toughest to buy for during the holidays?  Danielle outlines some classic pieces to grab for your favorite guy.

Katie Couric cleaned out her closet with the help of Marie Kondo, check out before and after.


photo source--from one of our favorite entertainers, Kate!  ;)