5 Tips for Balancing a Side Hustle

The days of working simple 9 to 5 jobs are over. So many women, us included, are spending free time doing meaningful work. Side hustles can be rewarding in many ways, but they can also be difficult to balance. After all, we know how important it is to rest and relax. So how can we do it all? 

Meet Erin Cairney. She is the queen of side hustles. Erin is a full-time manager and instructor at Recycle Studio, a running coach at MyStryde, as well as a brand ambassador for Crane & Lion. Damn! Here's how she makes it all work:

1. Carve Time Out to Dedicate to Each Gig

Playlisting for classes, planning my workouts and writing fitness content takes up a lot of my time. Trying to keep workouts different, challenging and fun requires me to sit down and plan. I see a lot of the same faces each week so I try to change things up and keep my workouts and songs new and interesting. Whether I’m creating hill intervals for MyStryde or making an endurance-heavy playlist for Recycle, I make sure it’s fun, but will also leave clients feeling like they were pushed to the limit! Prioritizing my time to plan for each gig helps me feel like I’m able to deliver the best workouts. 

2. Be Prepared Going Into Each Week

Sundays are not just a day for my bod to recover, they're also a chance to get set up for the week. I’ve usually got my calendar, notebook, and Spotify in front of me organizing what I’ve got coming up. Whether I’m creating a playlist for Recycle, jotting down intervals for a PowerStryde class at MyStryde or collaborating with Crane & Lion, I try to put aside enough time for each gig so I feel confident going into another jam packed week! 

3. Grab n’ Go Snacks

Most days I’m all over Boston from the South End to the North End to Back Bay depending on my teaching schedule. I try to keep a few snacks in my bag (e.g. bananas, granola bars) for energy, especially if my day is packed with classes. My favorite places to grab a quick snack on the way to class is Boston Public Market for a smoothie from Mother Juice or cocoa pudding from Jugos! It’s important for me to stay fueled so I can feel energized and ready to go! 

4. Find Time to Unplug

With instructing, coaching and managing two studios, it can be hard to pull away and turn off technology. Some weeks are crazier than others and I’ve found that making time each day to put it all away for a second helps me stay happy and focused. I have a 13-month-old Labrador who loves running more than I do, so I’ve found a good way to unplug is to enjoy time with her. Every day we take at least 45 minutes to run and play at the park. She makes it easy to put technology away and enjoy her happy personality. She makes everyday so much more fun and reminds me that playing a good ole fashioned game of fetch can be just what I need to reset! 

5. Remember Why You Work So Hard

Bottom line, if you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s going to reflect in your work. The most important part about making your side hustle work is to remind yourself of why you do it! I get to be surrounded by driven, motivated and inspiring people every day. My coworkers, fellow coaches and instructors aren’t the only ones who keep me inspired. It’s also the people in my classes who make it all worth it when they tell me about their success stories. Having a meaningful job where I get to help people stay healthy and work alongside such determined women fuels the fire for each day! 

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