5 Ways to Make Your Space More Ethical + Inviting

We strongly believe in the conscious consumer movement. While for large, global issues like climate change and social justice, we still need to advocate for governmental change and donate to organizations leading work in these areas, we also understand that our individual actions matter. We aim to lead by example and to minimize our negative impact on other people and the planet. Of course, we’re doing all this while trying to live normal lives...which can be exhausting! Here, we have some small, affordable changes to your home living and decor that make your home more ethical and inviting.

Warm Your Lighting Without Heating the Planet

By now, we know that incandescent light bulbs are super inefficient, wasting 90% of the energy they draw from the grid. Not only are they bad for the environment, they also make our electric bills unnecessarily expensive. So, obviously energy efficient lighting is better - but not every bulb is created equal. Some compact fluorescents (the swirly-looking ones) take a while to warm up and turn on all the way - not to mention they can have issues with dimmers. And many LEDs give off a weird blue light that is not at all cozy. 
Our new solution? Meet the Finally Light Bulb. It looks like the old lightbulbs you’re used to, but uses Tesla technology to create the same, soft warm light, without wasting energy. These energy efficient bulbs are made by a Boston-based startup. Yassss! we love when our home decor also supports the Boston startup community and reduces our electricity use!

Follow @FinallyBulbs on social media to learn more about their amazing energy-saving technology.

Light a Sustainable Candle

Most candles are made from petroleum byproduct. Check the candles you have at home - if they say they are made from paraffin wax, you should probably toss ‘em. Instead, try lighting a locally poured soy, coconut, or beeswax blend candle. Take this to the next level by choosing an unscented option or one that explicitly uses organic essential oils for scent. That way your candle not only adds a bit of hygge, it also helps detoxify your home or apartment!

Add a Little Green

Plants provide multiple benefits. They help clean indoor air; they look nice, and they’re even proven to reduce stress! Not sure what to choose? Fiddle leaf fig trees and monstera plants make your space instantly instagram-worthy. A little bit of nature is really the answer to all of your decor woes. 

Embrace Minimalism

Breaking the cycle of consumerism is one of the most sustainable things you can do. By not buying unnecessary items, you are preventing strain on resources used to make the goods you would have bought, and less stuff ends up in the waste stream. Plus, we all know that a more minimal decor style not only looks tidier, but also cleaner, less claustrophobic and, often, more high-end. 

Always Have Something Baking

Take a clue from Clueless and get cooking when expecting company. Nothing makes
people feel more welcome and at home than a tasty treat. But not all snacks are created equal - stick to organic, locally-sourced whole foods. One of our favorites is homemade sweet potato fries! They are easy to make, healthy and not many people have allergies to them. Plus, offering healthy, ethically-sourced foods always looks more sophisticated!


This post was sponsored by Finally Bulbs. JUGs only accept sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment.