The Week of April 17th

Around Boston

It's none other than Patriot's Day!  Track the progress of your favorite marathon runner.

We hope you have the date saved for next week's Ladies Lounge!  Keep your eyes peeled this week for everyone's Who's That Gal features!

Fast-dining app is now in Boston!

Around LA

Playlist Yoga is hosting a Yoga & Tacos event at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Bookworms unite! LA's Festival of Books is happening this weekend.

Here's everything you need to know before you head out to take instas in the poppy fields.

Beauty & Health

We're never too old to be aware of these tips for oral health.

Self-care is always important.

How to fight signs of jet lag.

Career & Finance

You may actually be sounding unprofessional in your work emails... here's how to change that.

How to use a planner for more productivity.

Style & Decor

Key steps on how to downsize.

So you're saying there's a chance (to stop junk mail once and for all)?

Oh, sh*t.  How do you reverse-like an Instagram post?

So, according to science, where do people actually meet?

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