How to Stick to Your Resolutions (Don't Give Up Yet!)

After attending art school at Pratt Institute for graphic design and beginning a career in advertising, Emily chose to focus on another passion of hers: fitness. Full-time for four years, Emily has taught and trained indoor cycling instructors. In addition to teaching at Recycle Studio, Emily teaches at Barry’s Bootcamp and is currently a Puma-sponsored trainer.

It's safe to say that Emily has helped a lot of people with their health goals. Now that we're into the third month of 2017, it's time to revisit those new years resolutions and reassess. Here are Emily's tips to sticking to your healthiest resolutions:

1. Don't think of them as "New Years" resolutions

Instead, think of them as monthly, weekly, and even daily goals. It's easy to lose sight of the small steps and only focus on the end goal and big picture, but the small goals are the ones that make the big one happen!

2. Recruit your friends to help maintain your resolutions

For example; one of my goals this year was to not go out to eat as often as I've been doing. When I make plans with friends, I volunteer to cook and have them over instead. No one has said no yet! 

3. Write it down

Whatever it is, on your mirror, in your day planner, on your fridge, the screen saver on your phone. A constant reminder will help you stay on track.

4. Plan

I'm super type A and plan everything in advance (the "be more spontaneous" resolution never really pans out for me...). Whether it's meal prepping for the week, or scheduling my workouts and rest days, sticking to a schedule helps me stay accountable.

5. Remind yourself why you set these resolutions

When you feel yourself starting to taper off, remind yourself of your motivations. Was there a reason why you set specific goals for yourself? Make sure you never lose sight of that reason. Eventually, these resolutions will become habit and a natural part of your lifestyle.