Make Learning your Side Hustle: CourseHorse is Coming to Boston

At JUGS, we believe in lifelong learning. We're avid readers, museum goers, and love to try new things, and we know that many of you do too. That's why we're thrilled to share that CourseHorse is coming to Boston!

What is CourseHorse?

CourseHorse makes local education more accessible by partnering with local class providers (places like General Assembly - our fav!) and helping them reach new audiences (you!). They offer courses that are great for boosting your professional skills as well as plenty that are just for fun - like painting, jewelry making or dance! 

Why We Love It

Now we don't have to search all over the web for interesting learning opportunities. It also provides lots of ways to be social and activities to do with friends (beyond the usual paint nite thing). Boston is already the most well-educated city in the nation and now we are ready to take that learning beyond traditional academia into lifestyle, arts, and business categories. 

Plus, there are plenty of classes that will help boost your career no matter what field you're in. Knowledge is power and now we basically have unlimited access to knowledge. Boom!