Adventure Travel Essentials

We love to travel. It helps us see from new perspectives while also giving us a chance to get active, meet new people, try new foods, and see incredible feats of both people and nature. That said, none of us are exactly mountain-climbing-backpackers. So, when I had the opportunity to climb the Grand Canyon, I was both thrilled and terrified. I head out on the journey next week, with a full bag, but here are some key essentials I wanted to share with our other budding outdoorswomen! 

Sunski Sunglasses

These affordable-yet-chic sunnies are designed for the outdoors with polarized, reflective lenses. They offer a variety of shapes and designs that look high end, but you can feel good about spending your money with Sunski because they're conscious of their materials and supply chain and are members of 1% for the Planet

True Natural Sunblock

We have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. We need it to stay looking young and wrinkle-free, but so many brands contain toxic and unstudied chemical ingredients. That's why we love True Natural, which uses only safe ingredients - titanium dioxide and zinc oxide - to serve as the sun barrier with added, anti-aging organic oils like sunflower and jojoba. 

Artemis Camera Strap

This locally-designed camera strap is perfect for any adventurer! It is made from upcycled Turkish rugs and hand crafted leather. It is a durable, high-end piece that gives your typically touristy looking camera a stylish vibe. Plus, Milicent of Artemis Design is a Who's That Gal alumna

Extra Phone Battery

Real adventures mean unplugging, but when your phone is also your camera, it is important to keep the battery alive. These portable extra battery packs are key for any trip where you won't be indoors 24/7!

Acure Face Wipes

While we typically encourage people to use reusable facecloths, sometimes the wipes are a must, especially when you don't have reliable access to a shower or are trying to pack light. We choose the Acure wipes because they are nontoxic and made by an environmentally conscious brand. In fact, these puppies are biodegradable!