#AskJUGs: How to Land a Job as a New Grad

We received a great request from a reader this month: a soon-to-be college grad and JUGS fan wrote to us, looking for inspiration as she transitions to city life and embarks on a search for her first full time job. So what does a gal have to do to land her first job? Especially if she has lots of interests, very little professional experience and few connections in a new city...
Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I was in this exact spot. The good news is that some advice and strategy that works for more seasoned professionals can work exceptionally well for recent college grads too. Here are three strategies for landing a job as a recent graduate:

Find the Commonalities

Were you involved in a dozen college clubs and intramural sports? Did you study abroad and pursue a double major? It’s easy to feel like your interests and skills are all over the place. If you’re not clear about what you’re bringing to the table, your potential employer won’t be either. Take the time to figure out what these activities and interests have in common and what that means about your values and skills.

Learn to Talk Specifics

Many young professionals try to make a case for their candidacy by relying on the breadth of their experience, rather than the specifics of their experience. Pay attention to the job qualifications in the posting and practice sharing and emphasizing the most relevant aspects of your experience. This will help you stand out as an excellent match for the position.

Make Connections

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have interesting positions or work in organizations that you’re curious about it. You can even begin making connections before your big move if you find location-based online groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. Pay attention to businesses and organizations that have great reputations, research potential opportunities, and see if there are any in-person events you can attend once you make your move.


This is such an exciting time, but it can feel scary too. Moving to a new city and launching a job search is daunting! Give yourself some credit for taking on a risk and pursuing your passion.
Congrats to the Class of 2017!

Jenn Walker Wall writes a monthly career advice column called #AskJUGs for JustUsGalsBos.com and is the founder of Work Wonders Coaching + Consulting. You can follow her on Twitter: @JennWalkerWall. Ask your career questions here.