The Week of May 8th

Around Boston

It's been six months since the election, and there is more that can be done! 

We've finally caught up to other cities...UberEATS has arrived!  Anyone tried it yet?

One of our favorite brands is in town, limited time only.  Make sure to visit the Cuyana pop-up in the next few weeks!

Check out Patagonia Boston for free weekly yoga classes on Tuesday at 7:30pm

USPS Informed Delivery is rolling out in Boston.  How cool to see what you'll get in the mail before you actually receive it!

More on this below, but grab a ticket to a First-time Homebuyer's social, tomorrow night.

Around LA

Check out Patagonia Santa Monica for free weekly yoga classes on Sundays at 9am

Career & Finance

Now these ladies have given us a(nother) reason for outdoor drinking!

From the creators of Zillow, comes a new site geared toward millennials purchasing property.

Health & Beauty

Eeek...what do we think of these blackhead-removing masks?

How to find time for self-care as an entrepreneur.

Because there can never be enough reminders, how to live healthy in your 30s.

Style & Decor

Spring cleaning time: How to Marie Kondo your office space.

So Cinco de Mayo was last week, but we have Kate's blood orange margarita recipe noted for any occasion!

How to repurpose candle jars as decor and storage... the perfect DIY project.

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