The Week of June 19th

Around Boston

Join us on Thursday to hear from some women in sales and how they killllll it!

There is a new co-working space, coming to Cambridge

Around LA

Our Boston Blogger friend, Kate, showed Suz some love and is helping to promote her clothing line!

Career & Finance

Ever worry about how competitive you are in your field?  This criteria is helpful to keep you in check.

You know we love to support small businesses, loved reading up on these new names out there!

The acquisition everyone has been talking about.

Health & Beauty

Simple ways to potentially lose weight at your desk.

In case you're like us and want to accelerate that summer tan in a safe way, here are some top-rated self-tanners we're looking to try out.

Wondering if you should wax or laser for hair removal?  Read through some testimonials first.

Style & Decor

Just because it's one of the best shows on television, make sure your summer binge includes catching up on Broad City before Season 4 begins.

Ever wonder if you should start a blog? Read some advice from Danielle, here.