#AskJUGS: How to Stay Productive in the Summer

It might sound counterintuitive, but summer is the perfect time to focus on productivity - so you can get out of the office and enjoy yourself, of course! 

You can also use the sunny weather and longer days to focus on your own professional development and long term career success. Even better, if you use the right strategies, you can do so with minimal interruption to your beach days!

 Here are four ways to stay productive and enhance your career during the summer:

Take Time Off When You Can

Some people get summer Fridays off, but for the rest of us, it’s a great time of year to take some time off to enjoy the sunshine and a bit of down time, too.

If your PTO bank isn’t looking so hot, don’t underestimate the power of taking just a half day off. You never really know how much you can get done in just a few hours until you give yourself an afternoon to spend at the beach!

Focus on Networking

Longer days and nicer weather make for the perfect time to attend networking and professional development events after work. It’s also a great time to invite former colleagues out for drinks or dinner to re-connect.

In other words, if you’ve been putting off networking and relationship building, summer is the perfect time to recommit yourself.

Turn Your Beach Reads into Professional Development Opportunities

If you’re headed to the beach, why not bring along a career-boosting read? I’ve already completed one so far and I’m looking forward to starting a second this month.

Don’t want to trade in your fun beach reads for something work related? Download an audiobook and listen to career related books while you’re in the office or during your commute!

Keep an Eye Out for Opportunities

With the holidays and vacation that summertime brings, a lot of employers’ searches can move even more slowly than usual - a bit of a bummer for job seekers.

But there can also be fewer job applicants in the summer, so keep your eye out for potential opportunities because there may be less competition!.

With the right strategies, you can make it through your to do list, set yourself up for success and hit the beach this summer!


Jenn Walker Wall writes a monthly career advice column called #AskJUGs for JustUsGalsBos.com and is the founder of Work Wonders Coaching + Consulting. You can follow her on Twitter: @JennWalkerWall. Ask your career questions here.