Aukalife is Our Superfood of Summer

Meet Aukalife

Aukalife is a Boston based superfood blend startup. They’ve created four different recipes using natural seeds, nuts, spices & plant-based superfoods. Each recipe is a blend of these ingredients which contain antioxidants, organic superfoods, vitamins & minerals.

 Adding them to your meals or beverages will give them an extra boost. Helping to regulate your metabolism, boost your energy, enhance your digestion and strengthen your immune system. And did I mention there is no added sugar and they are 100% raw!

Aukalife's Varieties


Their energy blend contains flaxseed, bee pollen, maca powder and coconut palm. You can add it to your morning coffee. Not only does it make it sweeter, especially if you drink it black like me, it increases its health factor. The energy blend helps; boost energy and performance, enhance mood and reduce stress.


You can never have enough greens in your diet. The detox blend helps you out with that. It contains wheatgrass, matcha, spirulina, barley grass, moringa and flaxseed. Sprinkle it over some kale and massage it in with a pinch of sea salt and drizzle of olive oil. It adds a bit of flavor helps burn fat, cleanse toxins, regulate digestion, boost energy and promote healthy weight-loss.


If “going hard” is how you describe your workout than the recovery blend is perfect for your post workout snack or smoothie. The recovery blend contains pea protein, cacao, maca powder, walnut hemp protein and coconut palm. Sometimes after an intense workout your energy level can be really low. Add this to your smoothie and for an added post workout boost.


We drink red wine for the antioxidants, right? Well the antioxidants blend is another way to support heart health, fight aging, strengthen your immune system & enhance brain function. The ingredients consist of goji berry, acai, chia seeds, turmeric, beet root and camu berry. Add one of the single serving packets to a jar of overnight oats with some fruit and you have breakfast packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Additional ways to enjoy each of these blends are available on the Aukalife website under recipes. You can shop online or find it in local smoothie shops like Beatnik Beverage and Nourish Your Soul. If you shop online JUGS readers can use promo code discount5 to receive $5 off. They sell single-serving packets and bulk sizes. They are still taking pre-orders and shipping will begin in July.