Who's That Gal: Bethany Everett of TwentySomethingPlus

Name: Bethany Everett
Occupation: Blogger
Hometown: Windsor, CT
Age: 30
Currently Reading: Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple
Fav dessert: Smoothies!

Tell us a little about Twenty Something Plus, how and why did you start your blog?

Blogging started out as a hobby. I needed one and I knew blogs were a thing. After starting and connecting to other bloggers, I cannot stress how glad I am that I did!

We love your look. How would you describe your style for those that aren’t familiar?

I often joke that my style is basic girl chic. My style is casual, but I try to do so in a way that looks put together. Think jeans and a t-shirt looks that you want to save on Pinterest.

Your insta feed kills it. What are your elements for a great instagram post?

Instagram can be so different for everyone. What works for one person, may not work for someone else. You really have to find what works for you and invest your efforts in that. By that I mean, I used to share beauty posts and a ton of flatlays with white backgrounds, but my friends and followers reacted much better to my outfit posts, so I try to stick moreso to those.

You work with great Boston brands big and small. Tell us about some of your favorite collaborations! 

Brass Clothing has been one of my absolute favorite brands to work with! Katie and Jay are doing such amazing things and being able to work with them from time to time has lead to such amazing experiences.

via  Brass

What do you do if a brand reaches out to you but their stuff isn’t quite your style?

If it’s not authentic, I have to pass. That has not always been the case. I’m not going to lie getting to this point was a struggle, it can be so hard to say no. But, it has gotten a lot easier and becauseeven more companies that are that are a good fit for my brand now reach out to me.

What are the biggest challenges of being a style blogger?

This may sound super generic, but time. There’s just never enough of it! I’ll either need content but not be able to meet up with a photographer, or have content but can’t post. I went from blogging full-time to working part-time and figuring out how to juggle that has been difficult.

What is a piece of advice you’d give to someone that wants to turn their passion for style into a blog/instagram feed?

Just start. Anywhere. With what you have. You can figure it out as you go, life isn’t perfect and if you’re trying to wait for that, then you’re wasting time.

What’s next for Twenty Something Plus (or you, personally)?

I’m not entirely sure. I am going back to working full-time. It’s definitely going to shake things up a bit for me, but blogging and style are such huge parts of my life that Twenty Something Plus won’t be going anywhere!