The Week of August 14th

Before we dive into this week's links, we'd like to take a moment to be a little more serious. There are a lot of scary things happening today in this country. We are shocked and horrified by the resurgence of the alt-right movement in Virginia. The JUGS cannot ignore this, and we feel it is our duty to be an online community of open minded people - welcoming all with open (digital) arms. 

As women, we sometimes feel like we are above all of this and that racism is more of a men's issue. This article by NY Mag opened our eyes and reminded us that the problem was, and is, so much bigger than that. Here are some actions you can take to fight racism.

Ok, now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Career & Finance

How to stop wasting money at restaurants.

Health & Beauty

OBSESSED: Axiology lipsticks are teaming up with True Moringa for a moringa oil-powered lip product! Love!

Is rose wine healthy? Well + Good is on the case.

Style & Decor

Someone NEEDS to make these amazing looking treats for us. (not in the mood for cooking over here). 

A quick home cleaning task you probably aren't doing, but that would make a big difference.