Who's That Gal: Khaki Paquette, founder of Face/Food


Name: Khaki Paquette
Occupation: Esthetician, Owner and Maker
Hometown: Amesbury, MA
Age: 32
Fav Weekend Getaway: Peak’s Island, Maine

Tell us a little bit about your career trajectory, how did you find yourself opening a spa and starting your own skincare line?

I’ve been an Aesthetician for about 10 years now. It wasn’t until I had moved to Seattle,
WA and worked in a more holistically focused setting that I realized the power of
natural ingredients and products. Once I moved back East, I was significantly
underwhelmed by the products being used in traditional spas. I had my first born in
May 2013 and by that Winter I was making and experimenting with products in my
kitchen. I opened up an Etsy shop in January 2014. It all happened pretty quickly. I was
getting really good response and was excited to move it out of my home and into a
better space. I was also ready to take clients again after having my daughter and so the
hunt for a spa/studio began. I opened up Face Food Natural Skincare Studio in May
2015 and it has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

What is a typical workday like for you?

There really isn’t a “typical workday” for me. There are 2 aspects to my
business, product production and sales, and the spa, so I am kind of always working to
some degree. I, of course, strive not to work 24/7 haha. I am also working around my 4
yr old and 1 ⁄ yr old who are part time in daycare or preschool, and my husband who
thankfully is home by about 4:30pm every day. I have days and evenings that I spend
time at the studio, usually taking clients. I have an amazing woman and fellow mom
named Kelley that works for me part time and has since I first opened. She has been
my rock and is a kick butt product maker, ships all my online orders and tells me what I
need when I need it etc..You have to surround yourself with people who are your tribe.


How have you grown your e-commerce business?

Etsy has been amazing. I never thought in a million years I’d have 3,500 sales and 1,030
reviews. Etsy is a great community for the small batch maker. That is what Etsy
shoppers are looking for. Having customers review the products is incredibly helpful
and honestly has so much to do with why new customers decide to purchase. I just
launched my new website facefoodnaturalskincare.com which will very soon be
another e-commerce shop where I will be directing people to go moving forward. The
website is live but is currently connecting to the Etsy shop. It has all the Spa info to
and you can book your appointments online! The new online shop will be launching in
the next couple weeks however. I will likely never shut down my Etsy shop since Etsy
is a place that people all over the world can discover my products and it’s such a user
friendly platform for sellers.

Why Newburyport?

I was living in Newburyport when I opened up shop. Newburyport is a destination city.
It’s quaint, charming and is full of lovely restaurants, shops and of course the
waterfront. It’s a quintessential New England seaside town. The people of Newburyport
are big believers in shopping small and local. I also find a great interest in healthy
living in NBPT, people like to shop for local produce at the farmers market, keep an
active lifestyle and avoid chemicals in their homes and their personal care products. I
feel lucky everyday that I get to live in such a gorgeous part of the country. There’s a
great niche here for Face Food.


What’s your favorite product in the line?

Ohhh that is a hard one for sure! I hate to pick favorites. If I had to I would choose I’d
pick the Dusk Radiance Treatment Serum. I just can’t get enough. Dusk is a facial
serum with hibiscus infused apricot oil, avocado oil, roseship, ylang ylang and more.
Its heavenly. Its full of natural alpha hydroxy acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C
and E and will definitely keep your skin glowing. During the day I like to mix a drop or
two in with the Raw Cacao Day Cream w/ 25% zinc and at night I mix or layer with the
Anti-Aging Rosehip Lavender Cream. Heaven!

How do you stay inspired?

My clients and customers! Sounds cheezy, but seriously. I get these little messages on
facebook from clients telling me how wonderful their skin feels or a really thoughtful
review of a product on Etsy and it literally keeps me going.

What’s next for Face/Food?

Big things! I’ve just partnered with Whole Foods in Lynnfield, MA and will soon be sold
in their store. Very excited! Once I’m settled in there, I plan to reach out to other New England based Whole Foods Markets. I have some other collaborations in the works
that I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on yet, but I’ll keep you posted! Launching
the new online shop will be huge as well and I can’t wait!



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