Closet Conquering with SwapIt


We have all been there... so sick of every item in your closet.  Spending money on new clothes can be a fun splurge once in a while, but can also bring on a case of the ever-familiar new outfit anxiety, with not knowing how something really fits or styles with other pieces you already own.  This is where creativity comes in!  Thanks to SwapIt, I was recently able to re-purpose some pieces from my closet as if they were pieces brand new with tags attached.  The gals there offer a session to conquer your close by bringing their organizational and styling expertise to you. 

The session starts with talking about your goals, and brainstorming where the direction where you'd like to see your style heading.  As you're deciding what to do with each piece, be it "keep," "swap," or "tailor," the inspirational word list helped me immensely with deciding whether or not to hold onto something.  This is always something I've struggled with, so having an impartial team help me decide finally created more space in my closet!  Separating items to be tailored was something I always intend to set aside, but this session totally helped me do in the moment.  I quickly had no excuse for not wearing great pieces I already owned, just didn't spend the time to make work.


All of the items that you choose to "swap" goes to the SwapIt team's inventory for future clients.  I loved how green this was, and it saved me a trip to my local consignment store, too!

Get ahead of things and switch up things before the fall by downloading your very own closet conquering guide, here!  Be sure to book your very own Take Back Your Wardrobe session!  Thank you, SwapIt for helping me minimize!

all photography c/o SwapIt & Jon Washer