YWCA Cambridge Supports Local Artists Through Monthly Exhibits


In their words, YWCA is "on a mission." We love that, similar to JUGS, their work aims to lift up women in Cambridge and the greater Boston area. One interesting way they are doing so is by featuring the work of local artists in their lobby at their location at 7 Temple Street.

Their month-long installments serve two purposes: 1) to empower and recognize talented female artists in our area and 2) inspire people who use the YWCA space, including residents of the on-sight 103 housing units for women who have experienced trauma. 

Meet the YWCA

The YWCA Cambridge is dedicated to eliminating racism empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. They help provide housing for indigent single women and homeless families. The Cambridge chapter is also well known for their Girls Only Leadership Development (GOLD), a leadership program for 8th grade girls. In addition to providing housing and programming, they also provide community space and rental space.

January Artist in Residence 

For the month of January, the YWCA Cambridge is featuring Julie Ann Otis, who is a poet, visual artist, and wellness coach specializing in active receptivity. She has been featured at Boston City Hall, The ICA, and was named Somerville’s Artistic Fellow of Interdisciplinary Arts in 2016. Her exhibit at the YWCA is called Miraculous Invisible and features typewritten poems chronicling her experience living in a Chinese-style hut on a Nebraska prairie. YWCA explains the pieces as "embracing the extraordinary in the ordinary and the plainness of ecstatic moments. Humorous and contemplative, the poems serve as storytellers, mirrors, and prophets while the staging of the photos informs the voice of each poem --  sneaky, bold, gentle, empowering, or even punchdrunk." 

Intrigued? Head to Cambridge and check it out before the end of the month. Or, stay tuned to learn about February's artist!