Hauswitch Home + Healing: A Space for Modern Witches

All images: Alicia Valeri Green for JUGS

All images: Alicia Valeri Green for JUGS

When the news seems to get scarier by the day, protecting our emotions and energy is as important as protecting our physical health. But caring for ourselves is something that is often left behind in our busy day to day schedules. As a response to the negativity in the world around us expensive, highly indulgent self care is evolving into necessary self preservation and mindful practices. It’s time to turn inward to find power, and nurture our inner witches!

As much as we’d love to perform a patronum charm like Hermione or drop a dead man’s toe into a cauldron for eternal life a la Hocus Pocus, witchcraft isn’t all wands, cauldrons, and pointy hats. Modern witchcraft is about finding the magic in mindfulness, connection with nature, and selfcare.

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The Shop

Hauswitch Home + Healing in Salem, MA is a shop for the modern witch that offers products, events, and healing rituals. With a touch of whimsy, the light filled, Scandinavian style shop offers everything a modern witch needs from potions and spell kits to wall decor and pillows. Their mission is to be “an inclusive space for women, the LGBTQ+ community, POC and anyone who feels like they are in need of a truly supportive and safe environment in this ever-changing world.”

Created by Erica Feldman in 2015, the shop is an empowering place to heal and support your energy as well as (and just as importantly) the space around you. The intentionally curated witchy products offered by Hauswitch strike the perfect balance of educational, spiritual, and playful.


Creating Rituals

It’s easy to spout buzzwords like mindfulness, selfcare, and energy but it’s the everyday practices and rituals we create for ourselves that make the difference. Hauswitch makes all this witchiness approachable—you can order an entire spell kit that supports setting intentions and dreams or just buy a candle and meditate. Incorporating these practices quickly becomes second nature once you tap in.

All of the magic, selfcare, and mindfulness talk isn’t necessarily about avoiding negativity and scary news all together but rather how we can create supporting and healing rituals that protect our energies. When these rituals become part of our lives, we can face the scaries head on with an armor of support from our own power, connections with other women, and a little bit of magic. It’s the perfect time of year to consider how you’re supporting your feminist energy, and maybe start tapping into a little magic of your own while connecting with other supportive, powerful witches.



Through their “field trips” and events, Hauswitch has created a supportive community beyond the shop for the experienced or newbie witch. Full and new moon meditations and tarot card readings are a time for manifestation, intention setting, and tapping into your power while tarot salons and field trips provide educational experiences. We especially love the “Dark Days: Self-Care for the Shadow World” healing sessions which offer a space to recalibrate and bring yourself back to life when the chaos of the world feels overwhelming.


Some of Our Favorite Products

The Magic is in You” Flag: handcrafted, ivory linen flag inspired by The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

“All of Us Feminist Witches” Tote Bag: screen printed cotton tote.

LVL Co. Crystal Candles: soy candles with crystals inside. Each candle has specific intentions (love, joy, expression) with astrological and chakra alignments.

Sister Spinster Grounding Potion: This flower and gem essence remedy is like a protective reset for your energy. It protects from unwanted energy sources like technological chaos while connecting your spiritual work to the physical world, healing wounds, and releasing tension.

Open Window Spell Kit: Includes “everything you need to clear out all the old, stale, negative energy in your space” (sage bundle and abalone shell for smudging, open window potion, spray bottle with rosewater, scented candle, and meditation postcard).

Alicia Valeri Green is a content contributor for JUGs. She’s also the owner of the design + brand consultancy LaVie Creative and an essential oils wellness advocate. You can follow her on instagram at @LaVie_Creative.