Who’s That Gal: Hope Alcocer, Author of 30 Things Before 30


Name: Hope Alcocer
Author and owner of Wonder Woman Media (digital marketing/PR firm)
Western Michigan
Current ‘hood:
Chicago [ just relocated this summer from NYC!]
Currently reading:
Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul by Melody Beattie
Favorite workout:
Reformer Pilates (currently in the middle of my pilates training certification, too!)
I never leave home without:
My phone + my notepad for when inspiration strikes.

Tell us a little bit about 30 Things Before 30. What inspired you to write this book?

I wrote my first book, Where Hope Lies, a couple years ago and released it on International Women’s Day in 2017. It’s a fictional piece of work, but the main character was based on a younger version of me. Instead of the audience (fans, readers, attendees at events) clinging onto just the storyline, they clung onto her character and wanted to know more about her.

This sparked the inspiration for book #2 as more of a memoir/self-help book. It was a platform for me to speak to the pain felt and lessons learned in my life which is what ultimately led to the creation of the main character in book #1. So, I stripped down with the ultimate level of full transparency and bared my soul in 30 Things Before 30. Each chapter is a life lesson I learned the hard (and painfully funny) way.

Wow, so this is actually your second book. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? What was that journey like?

My dad passed away when I was a baby and so my mother raised me on her own until I was five. Around that time I began having a lot of questions about my dad and the life my mother had chosen for us. I was a very emotional and expressive child and extremely vocal to my mother that I had a lot of questions and feelings I wanted to talk about and understand. My mother, an advocate for self-expression and creativity, handed me my first diary at age five. “Write or draw what you’re feeling” she’d say.

I’ve been writing ever since. It’s a side/passion project since I run Wonder Woman Media full time, but writing is still the greatest therapy and creative outlet for me.

What does your typical day look like?

I’m so blessed to be able to work from wherever I want whenever I want so my day isn’t always the same. My day usually consists of massive amounts of coffee, client calls, marketing/PR work for my clients, press/media interviews for myself (I do my own publicity for my book and brand)  and then pilates classes for my training certification I am working towards. I always start my morning off with journaling + writing, even if it’s just jotting down a couple words or a couple phrases. Like I don’t have enough to do, right!? ;)


What advice would you give to a woman thinking about writing a book?

Make sure you have the budget for each aspect of the project. Self-publishing is quite costly, but you have full creative control. I wish I waited until I had the full amount for each project upfront instead of working insane hours—around the clock—to be able to submit payments to my editors, graphic designer, and assistant. Should you choose to go the publisher’s route, just remember to stay true to yourself and wait for the right publisher who understands and respects you and your story. Never sell your soul just to get any sort of contract or deal!

Side note: I LOVE helping women with this type of thing. Please, connect with me and I’m happy to give advice on your book writing journey!

Do you see more books in your future? Would you branch out of the self help category again?

Totally! I’m taking a break for a couple years but I plan to write more in the future. My first book was a fictional novel and then this most recent book, 30 Things Before 30, was a self-help/memoir so I am definitely open to writing another fictional book. Writing a fictional story (to me) was actually more challenging than a non-fictional book. Writing fiction requires you to stay in the world you’re creating in order to keep the story forming and unfolding. You’re creating characters and events that somehow have to translate onto paper. When your characters hurt, you hurt. When they rejoice, your soul sings. It’s very exhausting yet rewarding.  

So, you’re 30 now. How does it feel?

I’m definitely more intentional about those root touch ups  #greyhairwhat.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel that much different than my late 20s. I just check a different box now when I take surveys. I think I’m supposed to moisturize more now, too!?

Where can we find out more about you and 30 Things Before 30?

Visit my website! www.hopealcocer.com or follow me on IG/Twitter @hopealcocer

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