5 Reasons to Plan an All Girls Road Trip


A road trip with your girl gang is the remedy for all things sour and a celebration for all things sweet. If each time you plan a road trip with your girls, it gets cancelled, then celebrating an occasion with a road trip party is exactly what you need. Your gal pals will be less likely to cancel a road trip that’s celebrating a special occasion and you will all finally get to be together on a road trip.

Here are some of the occasions that you can definitely merge with some great travel plans and make it one amazing road trip with your friends.


No one can say no to a friend’s birthday. So why waste the opportunity by going to the same bar you go to every weekend? Instead, celebrate your birthday with an all girls’ road trip to some new, unexplored place. Celebrating your birthday by gifting yourself a road trip will make that birthday all the more memorable and for your friends it will be the best way to celebrate your birthday. This will you and your friends the opportunity to tick off a new place from your travel bucket list and also give you all a new experience to bond over.

Hen Parties

Destination hen nights are really popular among girls who want to throw their bride friend an awesome hen party with everything at its best. Travel to an exotic location or even better, drive down to some beautiful place and stretch a one night hen party to a hen weekend with multiple activities planned for the entire weekend. You could all have some really fun hen night ideas planned for your bride friend and surprise her with lots of hen do games, activities and gifts. It’s the perfect way to tick a new place off of your travel bucket list and bond with all your friends right before one of them says ‘i do’.



What do you do each time someone gets a promotion at work? Pop some champagne at a fancy restaurant? Why not pop some champagne at a fancy restaurant of a new place or maybe under the stars while camping out? Change the way you celebrate big moments and successes in your life. Grab your car keys, pick up your friends and don’t reveal the reason for this impromptu road trip till you all reach the destination. Once you all have reached the destination, you can then break the news to all your friends. You can all then go and celebrate your promotion with some sightseeing followed by a nice dinner at a restaurant offering the local cuisine for you all to savour your taste buds in.


There is no better way to get over someone and heal a broken heart, than going someplace new and feeling the change in you. Meeting new people, trying new cuisines, shopping the local arts and just enjoying a new vibe of a new place, is the best way to realise that there’s a lot more to life than just a heartbreak and it will get you back to your smiling days in no time. Tell your friends a road trip is what you need if they want you to stop crying about your relationship and surely none of them would NOT want to support you and voila! You’ve got yourself an all girls’ road trip.

Unplugged Vacations

How would you feel about an all girls’ road trip with no emails from work or any calls reaching you to disrupt your peace? Unplug from all gadgets that make you look down on screens all day long. Make a pact with your girl gang that none of you will be allowed to look at their screens while you all are on your road trip. Go on a techno free and unplugged road trip with your girls, to rediscover what it’s like to not be in constant touch with people and not be bothered by what’s happening around. Enjoy the beauty around you and truly take in the moments around you.

While there shouldn’t be a need for a reason to take a road trip with friends, but nowadays people are so busy with their lives that unless there’s a good enough reason to do something, it seems futile. So get serious about your road trip planning because this time it won’t just be a road trip, it’ll be a celebration of something special.

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