JUGS JAMS: Femme Fall Fatale

Mitski by Allie Kovalik

Mitski by Allie Kovalik

Fall is a dramatic change. The weather takes on a more melancholic pace. Fall is often a time of reflection and an opportunity to turn inward, giving us  the permission or encouragement to slow down. Our Femme Fall Fatale playlist encompasses both the chance to take a breath and refocus, and the invigorating new energy that chilly nights and change can inevitably bring. Fall is all about embracing change, and feeling cozy while you do it.  

Artist on the rise: Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers has arguably already risen. We’ve never met a MR song I didn’t immediately love, internalize and put on repeat. She’s got the pop that makes you move, the poetic lyrics to make you cry and the girl power to empower you.

On repeat: Seven - Tash Sultana

We’re not sure where to even begin with Tash. She’s a multi instrumentalist who can compose, sing and totally melt your face off. Women really can do it all and her new album Flow State is proof,.

Catch Tash Sultana at House of Blues on 11/16

Hometown She-ro: Weakened Friends

These local girls have graced the stages at Boston Calling and been nominated for multiple Boston Music Awards. Simply put, they rock.

Happy listening!

Allie Kovalik is a content contributor who has an ear for music, an eye for dogs, and a taste for tacos. Follow all three of her adventures (and many more) on Instagram: @alliek20