5 Career Tips from a Global Consultant


Though workplace cultures are different from office to office and city to city, sometimes the best career advice can come from another corner of the world. Working internationally, Jose Luis Torres Kemerer, has had the unique opportunity to see how people navigate their careers in other cultures. Jose, who is from Peru, graduated in systems engineering with a postgraduate specialization in project management. As a consultant, he has had significant management and lead experience across various project services disciplines around the world. Here, he summarizes his knowledge into 5 quick tips that are applicable for any workplace.

Have a Plan but Allow Flexibility

There is nothing wrong with having a career trajectory planned out in your mind. Planning is good and building professional relationships will certainly help along the way. However, in reality, you must be ready to face challenges even if they seem to be leading you onto a different path altogether. For example, a layoff is a major inconvenience that can interrupt your plan, but in the end you may find something even better. People often attribute their success to a diversion in their previously laid out plans.

Manage Your Own Career

One mistake that people make is allowing others to decide for them what they should do with their lives. If you let others manage your career, how can you be sure that you will happy with the result? Instead, turn inwards and focus on building the skills and experiences you need to ultimately land your dream career. Of course, allow people to make suggestions and be open to advice, but remember that you have the final say on what you do.

Work Hard and Play Harder

At GRS, we believe that to succeed you must work hard. However, to inspire yourself and get value out of your hard work, you also need to play harder. You should get out there and just live life. Go on a trip, enjoy a vacation and get out of the busy work environment.
A life lived between your home and workplace without getting the time to relax in a totally new environment can affect you negatively.

Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated

Be kind and respectful to everyone you come across in the workplace. Being nice when dealing with tough clients, bullying peers or even when answering tough inquiries can be hard, but when you treat others the way you would expect to be treated, you’re building mutual respect. Your business environment will only improve with a positive mindset and respectful actions.

Slay the dragon

There will always be that one task dragging you down. It may be a new responsibility or handling a conflict or even an impending deadline. All of these are types of “dragons.” You need to find ways of slaying these dragons and moving on. To succeed, you must have the confidence to take things head on and always move forward.

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