Book Club Discussion Questions for '30 Things Before 30' by Hope Alcocer

When we first heard about Hope Alcocer, we were simply awed that she started her own company (a successful PR firm) and published two books all before age 30. This girl knows how to get things done, which is why we were itching to read the second of her two books, 30 Things Before 30. The book is a series of heartbreaking and heartwarming personal stories that result in some very relevant lessons-learned and advice for all 20-something gals.

All of this adulting gives us plenty to discuss - so let’s get started with one of our most soul-searching book club discussion guides yet!

  1. Which chapter/topic did you find most relevant and applicable to your current life situation? Did you find Hope’s approach helpful?

  2. How is 30 Things Before 30 different from other self-help books you’ve read?

  3. What was one piece of advice from the book that you didn’t agree with?

  4. Hope talks a lot about her parents, especially about advice her mother gave her or how conversations with them made her realize something about herself. How does the parent-child relationship change or adapt as the child enter that ever-so-stressful adulting age?

  5. We love Hope’s writing style—it’s very conversational. What did you think? Did you feel as if you were chatting with a bff or would you have preferred a more formal style?

  6. At times, Hope seems as though she is talking to her younger self. What advice would you give to the 22-year-old you?

  7. Name five of the tips listed in the “Adopt Self-Care” chapter that you use to de-stress.

  8. How is this book going to influence your 2019 New Years resolutions?

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