Who's That Gal: Lindsay Dyan, Transformational Coach and Founder of Electric Muck

photo credit: Sam West

photo credit: Sam West

Name: Lindsay Dyan      
Occupation: Transformational Coach
Hometown: Framingham, Massachusetts
Current 'hood: South End baby!
Age: 33
Currently Reading: The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron
Fav Thing About Living in Boston So Far: I love exploring the South End. Oh my gosh, the brownstones in the snow are unreal. 

Lindsay, welcome back to Boston! Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

 I'm a transformational coach! I specialize in helping individuals level up and make the necessary changes to live their most extraordinary lives. I help guide and empower people to cultivate tremendous self-love and build heart-centered empires. 

I'm originally from Boston. The last seven years have been an adventure. I've been on my own epic journey as life took me to live in some incredible places like Boulder, Colorado, Missoula, Montana and Menlo Park, California. Now I'm back in Boston and excited to settle in and stay awhile! 

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Why did life coaching appeal to you as a career? 

I worked as a Social Media Specialist for years. My background is in marketing and that began to get real old. I was seeking and searching for something much deeper and more meaningful. There was a hole inside of me that could not be filled with the work I was involved with.

I've always been a self-help junkie. I can remember going to Barnes and Noble as a kid and being completely captivated by the self-help/personal growth, spirituality, and philosophy books. A few years ago, I finally realized the missing piece (that hole I spoke of) was that I was living a life in complete service to MYSELF and not to others. Once I made the connection that helping people would help me AND help better this world. I was in and there was no going back.

It all started when a previous neighbor (in California) asked me to mentor her struggling daughter. She desperately needed a positive female presence in her life. At the time, I felt a bit, ill-equipped. I didn't have a psychology degree or formal training, who was I to coach her?

Turns out she had a team of doctors and psychiatrists as well as a loving family in her corner. Being a complete outsider and someone she looked up to, I was able to help her in ways I can't even put into words. It was a mind bend to see her thrive from our conversations and I was thriving as well!

After coaching her, I felt more love, joy, and satisfaction than ever before. When I spoke of my experience (mentoring for the first time) to friends and family, I got goosebumps, butterflies, and all the feels! I took this an absolute sign. My body was literally communicating with me, yelling, "you're on to something!" That's where it all started.

I began researching like mad, taking courses, enrolling in coach labs, I even hired my own coach! I wanted to learn everything. At the beginning, I had limiting beliefs. The one that sticks out the most is: "who do I think I am coaching people?!" Truth is, I am human, and I'm certainly not perfect. I am a work in progress. We are all on our own journeys. Once I blasted through that limited belief, I stepped into an extraordinary new space of empowerment which enables me to coach in a freshly innovative and powerful way. I'm also a firm believer that we are all creators and we can do anything we want. We live in an incredible time where it's more than possible to curate your life, be your own boss, and utterly thrive on your terms…. only if you want to! 

photo credit: Sam West

photo credit: Sam West

There seem to be more and more wellness coaching options out there out there (which is awesome!). How is your program different? 

Wellness coaching is awesome! The majority of people who come to me have an emotional situation that they want to dissect, expose, and transform. That's where it normally starts and it can go in many directions after we get to the nitty-gritty of some emotions.

Recently, there have been numerous studies conducted which dive deep into how our unresolved and suppressed emotions can lead to several things including disease. For anyone interested in this subject, please check out, The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. 

The fastest and most direct path to helping my clients is creating a safe and comfortable space for them to discover the answers to their problems and questions all on their own. I believe each one of us knows the answers and truths, it's getting there that can be difficult. I never cast my own personal beliefs, opinions, or what I deem to be an ideal solution on anyone. I am merely a guide them to get there on their own. 

What is a typical workday like for you? 

I schedule several calls per day. I normally spend an hour or more on the phone with a client. If my client is local, we meet in person. Which is my favorite because the sessions get deep fast and are super powerful and transformative! 


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Your first client was 13 years old - do you often work with teens? 

In the beginning, there were a lot of teens! These days it's such a spectrum. Currently, my oldest client is 65 and my youngest is 15! 

You're also a trained doula! How does this complement your life coaching practice?

Oh yes! When I lived in California, I went down the birth-work rabbit hole! It's amazing stuff! Moms have always held such a special place in my heart and actually being a part of the birth is like being born again each time I attend one. Again, a life in service to others is the most gratifying thing I could do. I find that a lot of my mentoring does trickle over to the families I that help through their pregnancies and births. 

Is there a piece of advice do you find yourself giving to clients most often?

 Everything in this life happens for you and not to you. Everything. 

How do you stay inspired? 

I am a firm believer that morning routines are the most important thing!  I start each morning writing in a gratitude journal. Super cheesy, I know, but holy crap does it help set the stage for the day! Once I jot down everything I'm grateful for, I start to sense that intense feeling of gratitude wash over me. This absolutely propels me into LOTS of great days! I try not to look at my phone for the first hour I'm awake. I make sure I get in a 15-30 minute daily meditation. Somedays I find meditating comes easy and other days I'm making my grocery list! Both are okay! 

A daily sweat is another way to stay inspired and fresh. Somedays it's a slow flow yoga session and other days I need to blast Kanye and hit the bouldering gym. 

At the end of each day, I make sure I'm covered in dog hair, my makeup better be smeared, and there better be dirt on me in one way or another. 

What's next for you and Electric Muck? 

Right now, I'm fully enjoying being back in this glorious city. I want to stay here for a while and really focus on building my community, making new friends, getting involved in events, curating my best life, helping everyone I can, attending births, and surrounding myself with all the dogs. 

photo credit: Sam West

photo credit: Sam West

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