3 Secrets to Looking Good in Any Dress


You know that feeling when you look in your closet and you're just like... ugh, I don't want to wear any of this... ? Immediately after having this thought guilt starts setting in because you know you have tons of clothes, so feeling unenthusiastic about your wardrobe is no excuse to go buy anything new. We know this feeling, and we know it well. Especially with challenges like winter hibernation weight gain, lack of a summer glow, and general February weather limiting your outfit choices, it can be tough to feel excited about getting dressed for work or an evening out.

Here we're breaking down how you can bring your sexy back without wasting money on designer clothing (though, we totally give you permission to splurge on a ZANNI dress or two!). 

A Good Foundation

If you're like us, you probably have some dresses that you like, but they just seem like too much of a hassle to wear. Nobody wants to worry about ironing, underwear lines, or tightness in an area that you're self-conscious about. Luckily, a bunch of these problems have surprisingly easy fixes:

  1. Get a seamless bra - There is absolutely no need to be hiding bra outlines with scarves or chunky necklaces. With a seamless bra you'll be totally comfortable and have the confidence to choose only the accessories that look the very best with your outfit. 
  2. Get protective underwear - By wearing Knix leakproof underwear, you can feel confident wearing white or wearing silk any time of the month. Don't let your biology limit you!
  3. Ban the bulge - they're not granny panties; they're high performance, high-waisted underwear that will give you some hold and firmness under any outfit.

A Good Story

It always feels good to wear something meaningful. Be it your grandmother's cashmere cardigan or a dress from a friend's fashion startup, we promise you'll feel better wearing that than something you picked up at a fast fashion retailer. 

Purge any low quality, fast fashion pieces from your closet that you no longer wear. That way, you'll have your higher-end, special pieces right at your finger tips whenever you open your closet.

A Good Amount of Confidence

You've heard it before, but the most important piece of any outfit is confidence. Just by telling yourself you look good, you'll start to feel it and start to look it! Remember what your mother said: shoulders back, big smile. You look great! And if you feel like you need a second opinion, you can always do a closet cleanout and style consult!


This post was sponsored by Knix - but note that JUGS only accepts sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment.