You're Invited to BostonTalks: Escape

Anthony Cristafulli

Anthony Cristafulli

Sip a cold one as you hear a short talk on mindfulness, stories from a cop turned criminal, and more. The theme is escape. Don’t miss this smarter happy hour before you escape to summer!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


WGBH Studios
1 Guest St.
Boston, MA 02135



Lisa Lewtan
Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, Award-Winning Author, Radio Show Host at Healthy, Happy and Hip
Lisa Lewtan believes that finding happiness, health and balance is about finding out what truly nourishes you. She helps go-getters slow down, chill out and develop a better lifestyle. Hear Lisa’s tips on how to live a better life.

Richard Marinick
Past criminal, Author of Boyos and In for a Pound
Richard Marinick, former criminal and now esteemed writer, shares his stories from being on the police force to becoming a criminal. He battled addiction and spent 10 years in prison, all of which inspired his two novels, Boyos and In for a Pound. Hear from Richard what a life of crime is like.

Jason Loeb
Trapology Owner
After playing escape games across the world, Jason Loeb and his partner decided to create their own. Learn how Jason uses these games to create a bizarre experience and make it a reality for players, creating a true escape from the norm!