How to Mix and Mingle in Boston’s Tech Scene


You’ve either preparing for a big move, recently settled in, or been living in the Boston area for some time. You started a new job, have settled into your role for some time, or are starting to look for new opportunities. Yet, the concept of “networking” seems daunting, tiring, and filled with uncertainty.

Are you looking to branch outside your current network? Here are some ways to mix and mingle in Boston’s tech scene, whether it be professional groups or volunteer organizations:

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is the largest community of engineers dedicated to advancing women in technology careers. They are the most active community, representing technical leaders, board members, executives, and more. They are very active in the Boston area, as they host meetups and events that focus on learning new skills, finding job opportunities, and more!

She Geeks Out

She Geeks Out is a certified B.Corp whose mission is to educate, promote, and support diverse and inclusive companies and organizations. In Boston, this organization hosts monthly networking events as well as corporate training and education sessions for organizations on the importance of diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.  

Wonder Women of Boston

Wonder Women of Boston is an open community for women of all ages and backgrounds who are looking for inspiration about their entrepreneurial ideas or job opportunities. With monthly Sip + Share events that cost about $20, they gather in Back Bay and encourage networking and community. You can also be a member of Wonder Women at a cost of $50.

Young Women in Digital

The tech scene isn’t just for those who are software engineers. Young Women in Digital is a community for over 1,500 digital marketing professionals, founded by Melanie Cohn. Their mission is to build a community with goals of helping young women advance their careers, learn new skills, and form friendships. Young Women in Digital also includes a job portal to help women find new job opportunities. I recently attended their first bi-annual conference in April, where I was surrounded by so many young and inspiring women all across the Boston. I attended some engaging presentations and even formed some new friendships. For me, this has and will continue to be a group I actively participate in to help me mingle around Boston.

Other Resources

There are always other ways to mix and mingle, aside from organizations. You can use your alma mater’s alumni events as networking opportunities, or use various websites such as,, or to search for more information in the area. And don't forget to check the topic for our monthly Ladies Lounge events because we often do tech-related themes!


Natalie Cantave is a tech columnist for JUGs. You can follow her on Twitter: @n_cantave