Book Club Discussion Questions for 'The Madonnas of Leningrad' by Debra Dean

Every once in a while, we love to delve into the romantic world of historical fiction. We love this genre because it's so powerful in its ability to transport you to a different time and place -- especially when a bestselling female author like Debra Dean is at the helm! Madonnas of Leningrad isn't a new release, but it is still well worth a read, and when you do, here's our discussion guide!

  1. How is Madonnas of Leningrad similar or different from other World War II novels you've read?

  2. What did the book teach you about WWII impacts in Russia that you didn't already know?

  3. What would be your memory palace?

  4. Did this story make you think about your grandparents in a different light?

  5. Why didn't Marina share her story with her children?

  6. Have you ever had a conversation where an elderly person told you something shocking or painful about their youth? How did you react?

  7. Do you plan to share your memories with the next generation? How so? Do you keep a journal?