#AskJUGS: How to Make More Time for Your Job Search

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There are plenty of ways that work and life can sabotage your efforts for career growth. While creating space and energy in a packed schedule may not be easy, it is essential. The good news is that once you get started, there are lots of ways to make the process more efficient.

Here are strategies that I use with my clients to help them launch their job search in the midst of their demanding schedules.

Create a plan

A lot of people spend their time scrolling through job search sites but rarely make time to evaluate their own strengths or to customize their applications. It’s like starting the process in the middle!

Do yourself a favor and start at the beginning, with a bit of self-reflection, so your search can be focused and your applications clear and specific. The free version of my workshop, Uncomplicate Your Job Search, provides a step-by-step process to help you plan and evaluate your job search.

Multi-task when possible

There’s no doubt that you’ll need to bring your A-game when it comes to actually applying for jobs, but there are some pieces of a job search that don’t require that same focus.

Use a networking event as an excuse to meet up with old colleagues (like our next Ladies Lounge, Coaching for Career Success!). If you’re looking for some inspiration, download an audiobook or podcast for your commute. I’ve even included free audio files in the free version of Uncomplicate Your Job Search so you can listen while you work.

Commit to leaving work on time

One of the most impactful ways you can create some additional time to focus on YOU is to give yourself permission to have better boundaries at work.

If leaving at 5 pm every day would seriously compromise your ability to keep up with your work, what about committing to leaving on time once or twice a week?

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Make it fun

Despite what you’re thinking, it’s totally possible to enjoy yourself while looking for your next opportunity.

Instead of heading home right after work, consider heading straight to your favorite coffee shop to make some progress. I’m also a huge fan of creating personal retreat days to help my clients make room for professional development and the work that comes along with a job search.

Don’t be surprised at what you can accomplish using small blocks of time. When you do this consistently, those small blocks add up and help create the space you need to propel yourself forward!


Jenn Walker Wall writes a monthly career advice column called #AskJUGs for JustUsGalsBos.com and is the founder of Work Wonders Coaching + Consulting. You can follow her on Twitter: @JennWalkerWall. Ask your career questions here.