5 Boston Startups to Watch


The tech industry in Boston has been booming as startups across many industries have launched – from cybersecurity to ecommerce and everything in between. At the same time, startup accelerators and venture capital firms continue to pour money into these startups and help them advance to the next stage.

What should we expect from Boston’s tech sector in the next few years? Which companies will be making significant impacts? Here is a list of 5 Boston startups to watch:

  1. PathAI

With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, PathAI is looking to apply these technologies to impact the field of pathology. A young biotechnology company, their core platform provides data-driven pathology analysis, which results in faster, more accurate, and better pathologic diagnoses. They hope to improve patients’ lives through patient diagnosis and treatment. We are excited to see what this company will do especially as the role of artificial intelligence will become more important in healthcare.

  1. Optimus Ride

Is society ready for self-driving cars? Optimus Ride believes so. They are a self-driving vehicle company that works to enable efficient and sustainable solutions in transportation. Located in the Seaport, this young company teams up with other companies and communities to test drive the potential next big thing in automation.

  1. Owl Labs

Tired of using Skype for Business in your workspace? Consider using Owl Labs, a young company who developed the first 360-degree smart video conferencing camera. Based in Somerville, their technology, the Owl, looks to improve collaboration and communication for those who work in the office or remotely. They strive to connect colleagues and improve video conferencing for all.

  1. Formlabs

Formlabs is another young company, based in Somerville, that is looking to reinvent 3D printing. Founded in 2011, they work to develop 3D printing technologies that will result in the production and development of accessible fabrication tools within various industries such as dental, jewelry, healthcare, among others. Who knows – maybe your future engagement ring or could be 3D printed by one of Formlabs’ printers!

  1. HubSpot

You’ve likely heard of Hubspot if you live in the Boston area. Still a young company, it may soon be ready to take on Amazon and Salesforce. Founded in 2004, HubSpot has been looking to impact the software industry by developing products for inbound marketing and sales. Located in Cambridge, this Hubspot has been hitting new heights, whether it’s yearly INBOUND conference or its rapidly growing in size. Rumor is that this company is ready to take on their biggest competitors yet. Let’s see what the future holds for HubSpot.

Natalie Cantave is a tech columnist for JUGs. You can follow her on Twitter: @n_cantave