JUGS JAMS: Wint(HER) is Coming

Maggie Rogers. Photo by Allie Kovalik

Maggie Rogers. Photo by Allie Kovalik

It’s cold, it’s dreary, and it’s often a time of serious hibernation and time spent inside. The new year can often be a time of reflection, self improvement, and new hobbies and activities. So, turn up the volume, light a candle or grab a book and spend some time letting these ladies transcend your cabin fever. Resolve to conquer winter and do so movin and groovin.

Artist on the rise: Miya Folick

Miya is the kind of musician you discover and wonder how on earth you’d never heard of her before. She’s feisty, she’s poetic and her alt-rock-punk-pop sometimes country vibe is hard not to love.

Catch Miya Folick at Great Scott March 1st, 2019

On repeat: Half Awake - Saint Sister

This song is ethereal and majestic. The harmonies of these two sisters are soothing, and always put me in a good mood. Half Awake will leave you in a trance.

Hometown She-ro: Aubrey Haddard

Aubrey Haddard is a force. She shreds the guitar, her soulful voice will transport you to another space and time, and she’s all ours.

Happy listening!

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