5 Apps to KickStart Your Health & Wellness in 2019

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Are you ready to start 2019 on the right foot? Trying to get shake off that holiday weight gain? Have you started thinking about ways to focus on your health in 2019? Are you dreading going to the crowded gym during January? Here are our favorite health apps for 2019 that will keep you motivated and fit throughout January…..AND the rest of the year.


Fitness Buddy

Let Fitness Buddy help kickstart your health and wellness plans for the New Year! Fitness Buddy is the world’s most comprehensive fitness application. The app helps you with everything from workouts to healthy nutrition and more! It works both as a trainer and a workout journal so you can track your progress. There are meal plans and recipes that compliment your lifestyle whether you’re vegan or hoppin’ on the keto trend. Download the app for FREE on your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.



A focus on health also means focusing on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Download Headspace to begin a meditation practice and focus on mindfulness throughout 2019. Headspace helps individuals reduce stress and anxiety and get better sleep with the help of hundreds of sessions. The first ten guided meditations are free!



Are you an auditory person? Aaptiv is an addictive workout app that will spice up your routine! Available on the iTunes App store or Google Play store, this app helps you keep up with your fitness goals through audio-based workouts. Listen to these workouts while you’re running outside or lifting weights in the gym!


Nike Run Club

Do you enjoy running? Are you getting ready for that upcoming half-marathon/5K race? Use the Nike Run Club app to help you track your runs and get prepared. You can also use this app when running with your friends! Download this app on your iPhone or Android and get ready to smash your running goals in 2019. We love that the app will pause your music or podcast to tell you how far you’ve traveled so far, meaning you don’t need to look down at your phone or watch to see how long you have left.


Want to get more hours of sleep, or reduce your stress levels in 2019? Use the Calm app to help you relax before going to sleep or meditate during peak times of stress in or out of the office. Named the App of the Year in 2017, this app is still a relevant favorite today! Download this app on your iPhone and get ready to prioritize your health and wellness.

There are also so many apps out there … did we miss your fav? We’d love to hear which wellness apps you’re digging in 2019. Let us know on twitter!

Natalie Cantave is a tech columnist for JUGs. You can follow her on Twitter: @n_cantave