#AskJUGS: Five Ways to Get Help With Your Job Search


The job search process can be an isolating experience. Given that we know how important your network can be to your professional development, it’s important to push against your instinct to figure everything out on your own and to take advantage of the people and support systems you have access to.

Not only can people connect you to opportunities, they can help you be strategic in your job search and keep you motivated and inspired for the long haul. Here are five ways that you can get help with your job search, so you don’t have to struggle all on your own!

Your college career office

Perfect for job seekers who may not want to invest in a private career coach, your college career office will likely offer resume and interview advice. It is also worth asking if they can connect you with alum who are in your line of work and in the same industry as you!

Ladies Lounge

This monthly event series features and attracts professionals from many different industries in the Boston area who are eager to share their stories and career tips. Ideal for people who are seeking inspiration and curious to meet new people, these events are always free (and there are always refreshments!).

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It’s easy to take one look at job postings and feel like you don’t quite have the right skills for your job search, but there are so many tutorials and classes available online and in Boston. If you need to grow your skills to move your career forward, give yourself permission to sign up for what you need!

Work Wonders & Co.

If access to job search workshops, templates, exercises, accountability sessions and monthly Q + A doesn’t help you move your job search forward, I don’t know what will! That’s why we put together the Work Wonders & Co. community, to create and share the resources and support job seekers need. (It launches this spring so join our waitlist here!)

Your friends and colleagues

Believe it or not, your friends and colleagues can provide tremendous support for your job search. I often have my clients solicit feedback and insight from their trusted friends and colleagues to help shed light on strengths and attributes.

Even though you may feel all alone in your job search - you’re not! There is so much you can do to cultivate support, build a new network and provide encouragement for others along the way.

Jenn Walker Wall writes a career advice column called #AskJUGs for JustUsGalsBos.com and is the founder of Work Wonders Coaching + Consulting. You can follow her on Twitter: @JennWalkerWall