Who's That Gal: Heather Slugaski, Clinical Social Worker and JUGS Writer


Name: Heather Slugaski
Age: 31
Occupation: Clinical Social Worker
Hometown: Connecticut
Current ‘hood: Charlotte, NC
Currently reading: All We Ever Wanted by Emily Griffin
Fav phone app: Instagram
Most Essential Step of My Morning Routine: Brushing my teeth!

So tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? Hobbies...side hustles...big dreams? What’s your passion?

I really love working with kids which is how I ended up in my current role. On the side, I’m in a couple of book clubs, volunteer with the Junior League of Charlotte, as well as work with my college and grad school alumni association. Volunteering is something that’s really fun to me—I’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of great role models and supporters over the years so I truly believe in paying in forward.

How did you first hear of JUGS?

Through Meredith, one of JUGS’ co-founders. My mom is close friends with Meredith’s aunt which is how I know Meredith and found the blog!


What inspired you to write for the blog?

I’ve always loved writing in a journal and have my own personal blog (that doesn’t get as much attention as it should!). I was inspired by the idea of contributing to another blog that was well-rounded with many different topics.

What is your favorite kind of post to write?

I really enjoy writing travel posts, also because it means I’ve probably just gotten to visit somewhere awesome.

Your favorite type to read?

Recipes and anything about skincare.

How do you balance writing for a blog with your other commitments?

I find it’s a great activity for a quiet Sunday afternoon. I use it as part of my self-care where I can sit down with a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and write up a post.

What are some of your other favorite blogs and social feeds?

I love reading lifestyle blogs…there’s something about reading other people’s routines that is so fascinating to me! I am trying to get into Twitter more these days for quick news updates.

What else should JUGS readers know about you?

I have an adorable rescue puppy named Huckleberry Finn who is my absolute joy and keeps me on my toes!