The Best Boston-Made Body Butters


Why is it still snowing in March? We ask ourselves the same question every year. Deep down, we know we still have 5-6 more weeks of cold weather before we can bust out the floral prints and sandals. To survive the next few weeks of bitter cold and dry indoor air, we’re sharing our favorite locally made, nontoxic, luxuriously rich body butters. These four favs will leave your skin nourished and help you get nice and smooth for when warmer weather finally arrives.


Thesis earthy & Grounding Cream, $22.95

Based in Somerville, we love Thesis Beauty’s commitment to making beautiful skincare products from real, non-toxic ingredients and using eco-friendly packaging. Their Patchouli + Geranium Cream is one of our favorite products for deep skin moisturization and aromatherapy benefits. This cream is great for those that love earthy, herby scents. A little bit of the thick formula goes a long way, making the price well worth it!


Face/food body butter, $20

Locally made cream by an aesthetician with more than a decade of experience? check. Khaki Paquette, founder of Face/Food, set out to create a line of spa-inspired products that were just as effective as they were luxurious. With seven different scents to choose from, the body butter does not disappoint. She also makes a version of the cream with zinc so that it can be used as both a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Next time you’re up in Newburyport, be sure to stop in Face/Food’s delightful storefront, and grab a pot of the SPF 25 cream on the way to the beach!


Organic Bath Co. peacefull Organic Body Butter, $29

Perfectly scented with calming lavender essential oil, Peacefull Organic Body Butter is a go-to for any bedtime ritual. The butter is handmade in Charlestown by a Organic Bath Company—a mainstay of Boston’s wellness community. We interviewed OBC’s cofounder, Gianne Doherty, back in 2014 and have been obsessed with their products ever since. We especially love that the body butters also come in a convenient 1.7 oz travel size!


True Moringa ultra Light Whipped Body Butter, $32

This fluffy formula is great for getting skin ready for spring. Like its name suggests, the product is infused with vitamin-rich moringa oil. Moringa is a powerful ingredient because it contains zeatin, known for stimulating cell division, growth, and delaying aging of cells, so get ready to show off your best, glowing skin when the warmer weather finally arrives! Plus, by purchasing this product, you’re helping the Cambridge-based company provide reliable work for 2,300 smallholder farmers throughout Ghana.