Transitioning Your Wellness Routine For Spring


Spring is a time for regrowth and to get out of our winter hibernation. It’s a great chance to take a look at our routines, set some new intentions, and clear out the cobwebs of winter. Let your wellness routine support your body and mind during this transition time.

Here are some tips for transitioning your wellness routine for spring:


Get off that office chair and outside for some movement! We all know sitting all day is terrible, so now that it’s spring, get that booty outside for that vitamin D and get the blood flowing! Set an alarm for yourself — even if it’s 5 minutes, a couple times per day, get out there.


Listen to your body. This time of year you might be going back and forth between craving warm comfort foods and salads. Just go with what your body is telling you it needs. It’s likely you’ll be drawn to transition from heavy winter foods to lots of dark leafy detoxing greens this time of year. Also pay attention to what foods are locally in season and start prioritizing those in your diet. Eating for the season helps to promote nutrient density and diversity in your diet. Going to local farmers markets or signing up for a CSA delivery are a great way to keep up with the changing seasons. If you have seasonal allergies, adding a local bee pollen or raw honey to your morning smoothie before symptoms arise can help combat them.


Reducing your toxic load, and supporting your body’s natural detox pathways feels great after a winter of comfort food and can sometimes help reduce the impact of seasonal allergy symptoms. Don’t waste your time with a juice cleanse — it won’t have the same impact as consistently supporting your body’s natural detox systems. Emphasize liver supportive foods (like dandelion leaves, milk thistle, turmeric, and cruciferous vegetables), keep your diet free of any food intolerances, drink lots of lemon water, and try incorporating dry brushing into your morning routine. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, can improve the tone of skin, and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite! Perfect for bringing out those spring dresses and prepping for beach weather.

[Disclaimer: we believe every body is a beach body, and cellulite is by no means a terrible thing — do what makes you feel good. You do you!]


Creating an environment in your home that is clean and organized is important for your mental health. good spring cleaning can do wonders and bring clarity to feelings of overwhelm and stress. Transition your wardrobe and declutter your closet by putting winter clothes in storage. Once spring hits there’s no need for your heavy winter sweaters and parkas — although keep them somewhat on hand because you never know what Mother Nature will throw at us!


Start moving away from the heavy moisturizers and towards a simple, lightweight moisturizer throughout the spring and summer. Same with your foundation. If you use a heavy foundation, try something a little more lightweight like a tinted moisturizer. And as always, keep it non-toxic — check out the Think Dirty App for non-toxic product ratings.

How do you transition your routine between seasons?

Alicia Green is a content contributor for JUGs. She’s also the owner of
Simply Well where she’s a wellness coach and essential oils advocate. You can follow her on instagram at @SimplyWellByAlicia.