JUGS JAMS: Bloomin’ Beats for Spring

The Wild Reeds photographed by Allie Kovalik

The Wild Reeds photographed by Allie Kovalik

Do you feel that? Sunshine and the warm breeze of new beginnings? Spring is here, and for us, that often means new music. We love the way that spring in New England creates an electric charge. Here are some beats to get you buzzing and ready to take on the seasonal changes.

Artist on the rise: Sigrid

Sigrid has been on my radar for a few years now and I’ve been impatiently waiting for her to release a full album. She had me hooked when she released her single Don’t Kill My Vibe two years ago, and her album is nothing short of empowering.

Catch Sigird at Paradise Rock Club on Sept 21st!

On repeat: Sorry I’m Busy, The Harmaleighs

The Harmaleighs get a little more edgy with this hit and boy did they nail it. This breaks away a bit from their usual sound and is so relatable for those times when you just need some space.

Hometown She-ro: VqNC

VqNC is a soulful, story telling, example of what it means to truly embody your music. Among many things, her music captures themes of self-care and self-love which shows how in tune she is with herself.

Happy listening,

Allie Kovalik is a content contributor who has an ear for music, an eye for dogs, and a taste for tacos. Follow all three of her adventures (and many more) on Instagram: @alliek20