Best Cafes to Work from in Boston

Explorateur,   Hannah Cochran Photography    for JUGS

Explorateur, Hannah Cochran Photography for JUGS

Whether you live in Boston or you’re planning a visit, there are plenty of cafes in Boston. But finding the right ones to get work done in is key – especially for those days when working from home just isn’t cutting it and you find yourself doing laundry rather than working.

We love a good cafe that mixes the right amount of ambiance and caffeine to fuel your work day. Discover the top five cafes to get work done in Boston:

  1. George Howell Coffee

    -312 School Street Acton, MA
    -505 Washington St, Boston, MA
    -100 Hanover Street at Haymarket Station Boston, MA
    -311 Walnut Street Newtonville MA
    Hours: Hours vary by location, check out the website for specific hours.

    George Howell Coffee is on a mission to seek out the best coffees on earth and roasts its beans locally in Acton, MA. Our personal favorite location is the one located in The Godfrey, right in the center of Downtown Crossing.

    After sipping your Instagram-worthy latte, strike up a conversation with your smiling neighbor – maybe they have a suggestion for that article you’re stuck on. Pro tip: try and get there on the early side since tables tend to fill up quick. Oh, and did we mention they have coffee sangria?

  2. Trident Booksellers and Cafe

    Location(s): 338 Newbury Street Boston, MA
    Hours: 8am-midnight, every day

    Fancy a quick read in between creating your compelling resume and cover letter? Trident Booksellers has a cafe upstairs, where you can munch on your favorite breakfast foods, grab a book to read for inspiration and still keep your working hat on.

    Located on Newbury Street, Trident Booksellers is in the heart of Back Bay. While you’re working on the top floor, take a much-deserved break from work and take a peek outside to fuel your creative thinking. But don’t forget about your deadline.

  3. Explorateur

    Location(s): 186 Tremont St, Boston, MA
    Hours: 7:30am-10pm, every day

    Explorateur is split in two – one side is a cafe and the other side is a restaurant. The ambiance in Explorateur might be our favorite thing about it since there’s nothing else like it in Boston – offering a blend of French and Californian-style food.

    The cafe and restaurant are extremely community-focused, with both long tables and smaller round tables, which makes it an ideal spot to work for the day – allowing you to connect more with your work and the environment around you.

  4. Thinking Cup

    165 Tremont St, Boston, MA
    85 Newbury St, Boston, MA
    236 Hanover St, Boston, MA
    Hours: Monday-Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday-Sunday 7am-11pm

    Thinking Cup is the ideal spot for focusing without distractions, since there’s no access to WiFi. If you’re in study-mode, writing-mode or just need to work on that presentation you’ve been procrastinating for a week – this is the spot for you.

    One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to visit Thinking Cup and journal as an act of self-care. Technically we know journaling isn’t working per se, but practicing self-care and recharging your batteries is just as important so you feel refreshed when you open your laptop back up.

  5. Tatte

    Location(s): Tatte is growing rapidly, with locations throughout the Greater Boston area, but the main locations are in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline. Check out the full list of locations.
    Hours: Monday–Friday: 7am–8pm, Saturday: 8am–8pm, Sunday: 8am–7pm

    If you’re comfortable with a lot of hustle and bustle this cafe is for you. It’s a great people-watching spot to fuel your creative brain – Tatte’s ambiance, aesthetic and brunch menu are unmatched. Shakshuka, anyone?

    It’s the ideal spot to bring clients or team members because of the enticing menu and the feel-good vibes you get when you’re inside. No meetings? No problem. Sip on your tea, check off your to-do list and smile because you finished everything you had to do today.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot to focus on data-crunching, finessing words or simply gaining some more headspace – each of these cafes has something in store for you. Enjoy the warm spring weather, take a walk to explore a new cafe to mix up your routine – your high-quality work will thank you.

When Meghan Barrett, Boston-based content contributor, isn’t writing about wellness, work or places to go in Boston, she’s whipping something up in the kitchen or practicing yoga at her local studio. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram @meegzb.