Support Local Makers with Boston-Based Subscription Box Locally.Us


It feels as though you can get almost anything via subscription box these days -- and that’s not a complaint. From curated selections of coffee beans to clothes styled just for you (and even products like tampons!) it’s easier than ever to subscribe, save, and enjoy the things you want shipped straight to your door on a monthly basis. These boxes allow us to skip trips to the store and allow us to spend our time more efficiently.

Now one box is taking these benefits to the next step by helping us support local business women, artists, and makers. Meet! Connects You with Women-Powered Local Shops

We recently had a chance to check out’ spring box. We loved the opportunity not only to get a bunch of truly wonderful goodies, but also to learn more about as a new Boston-area startup. supports and promotes small, local, women-run businesses and studios. Everything that arrived in our spring box came from Boston-based women artists and makers. It means a lot to us to get to know and encourage fellow freelancers, solopreneurs, and hustlers out there trying to turn their creative work and art into a sustainable way to make a living.

Sustainable and Hand-Crafted -- and Convenient? Win!

While saying that we want to support small makers, the reality is more complicated. In our busy day-to-day lives, sometimes it is just easier to turn to Amazon when buying stuff for our homes or gifts.

(Tip: when making purchases on Amazon, use Amazon Smile to donate to your favorite charity even while buying from corporate giants!)

If you can relate to constantly feeling just a step behind basically everything you need to do, then gives you a great way to actually act on your desire to support fellow female founders even if you struggle to do it day-to-day.


So, What’s in the Box?

The dreamcatcher print created by The Blank Canvas Co caught our attention right away, and soon after receiving my box it became a gift for a friend who was going through a hard time. It meant a lot to be able to provide her with a simple, thoughtful gift just because, without needing a special occasion. It helped lift her up and put a smile on her face.

The handmade, all-natural, vegan-friendly soap courtesy of The Humble Soaper (which smelled amazing) also became part of a gift for another friend who had been working hard launching her own business. We paired it with a face scrub and bottle of wine and a note telling her she had to take a day off and just relax!

The fact that these products are easily shareable made the box even better. But we also got to keep a few great goodies for ourselves!


Let’s talk about that Flower Child soy candle from Soy Much Brighter, for one. Another all-natural, vegan-friendly product that smells heavenly. And it even passed the ultimate husband sniff test!

We’re also loving the JESSI + CO lip oil. This gorgeously packaged, minimalist, totally non-toxic beauty product came at the perfect time of year as we’re healing and freshening our skin (lips included) for spring.

We also dug the fact that On The Road Again’s wristlet bag is not only handmade, but uses recycled and repurposed materials that are extremely durable. This immediately became a go-to makeup bag and will definitely be key when packing for our next adventure. We don’t want to play favorites, but we LOVE this bag!

It did, however, have some stiff competition from Warfel Studio’s delightful daisy earrings which will be the perfect complement for any spring outfit. These really did spark some serious joy; everything from the delicate packaging to the dainty studs.

And because we’d want a convenient place to store our new earrings, Sincerely Meesh had us covered with her handmade, marbled, gold-rimmed jewelry dish. We appreciate that Miranda and Taylor, the lovely ladies behind, curated a box that not only contained products that were wonderful individually but also complimented each other.

And last but not least was a spiral bound booklet with more details on each of the makers, artists, and businesswomen. We loved learning a little bit more about who made these great products, and the booklet provided an easy way to have some new go-tos for future shopping.

For more details on the company -- and to grab your own box or to gift one to a friend -- check out or follow them on the ‘gram @locallyus. Of course, be sure to use JUGS at checkout for $5 off!


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Kali Roberge is a personal finance writer who contributes to JUGs to explain how freelancers and entrepreneurs can make the most of their money, and writes about mindful living through intentional spending through her email series, LETTERS. You can find her @KaliRoberge