Who's That Gal: Leah Nicole, Field Marketing Agent, SPK Headphones


When Leah Nicole is not running around handling marketing for Escape Image and its subsidiary company, Next Big Thing, you can find this Boston-native promoting SPK Headphones as a field marketing agent!

Name:   Leah Nicole
Age: 38
Occupation: Field Marketing Agent, Educator, Marketing Coordinator, Event Planner
Hometown: Boston
Current ‘hood: Roxbury
Currently jamming out to: old school R&B
Favorite workout: I can’t say that I have a favorite. However, I think it’s easier for me to  tell you the one exercise that I despise -- BURPEES
I never leave home without____: My lipgloss, I know it sounds so lame but its the truth.

Let’s start with the basics. What is SPK Headphones?

SPK stands for Silent Party Kings Headphones. We deliver quality service and technology to private functions and event planners across New England.

We cater to those who are looking to add a unique experience to their events without breaking the bank or jeopardizing the quality and integrity of the event. Our goal is to enhance these celebrations with a twist to make them unforgettable experiences.

How do silent disco parties work?

Attendees enter the venue and swap their ID for a numbered ticket and a pair of headphones. Each headphone has three music channels as determined by the DJ, streaming service or playlist. The user has control over what they are listening to and also the volume, which enhances the party experience as attendees can socialize more readily than if they were in a traditional nightclub or stadium setting. At the end of the night, guests return their ticket and headphones in exchange for getting their ID back.

What does your typical day look like as a field agent?

I send a lot of emails to potential clients and offer demonstrations. A considerable portion of my role is demonstrating the equipment to potential clients to help them visualize what a night with SPK headphones could look like.

How did your career lead you to SPK?

Before finding SPK, I worked in event planning. I met with potential clients to hear their ideas and make their vision a reality. Sometimes I acted as a consultant and rented out linen and centerpieces that I created too.

What drew you to SPK and the event space?

I have been in the event space for some time. As an event planner, I meet with potential clients, listen to their ideas, draw up a concept and bring it to fruition. I also connect clients with DJs, bakers, and photographers.

A few local DJs introduced me to silent parties. I did some research and discovered that some friends of mine were getting into the space. I spoke with them, and we realized that a partnership between us made perfect sense.  

What’s next for SPK?

Right now we are focusing our efforts on expanding our partnerships with larger venues. We are also looking to expand our partnerships in the health and wellness market. Our goal is to continue to grow and stay relevant all while continuously providing top notch service.

Interesting! How are you looking to break into the health and wellness market?

SPK is looking to get in the health and wellness space by providing our headphone services to fitness facilities that offer classes, such as spin, step, and boxing. Music enhances just about everything, especially a workout for most people.  SPK headphones will allow multiple streams and genres of music to be played at once, giving clients more listening options during the workout. Additionally, the colored glowing LED lights add a little fun to hardcore routines.

If someone is interested in booking SPK for an event, where can they go to learn more?

If someone is interested in booking SPK for an event, they can connect with us on Instagram @spkheadphones. They can also message us directly at http://www.silentpartyking.com/contact/ or by email at Spkheadphones@gmail.com.

Anna Montain is a content contributor for JUGS.