3 Interesting Things to do on a Trip to Chile


Chile is such a beautiful country. There simply is no other country in the world that offers such a varied landscape, with so much beauty that at every turn there is something that can take your breath away. You can pretty much see everything in Chile, from rainforests to pristine sandy beaches, hot springs to snow-capped volcanoes or mountains to valleys with never-ending grasslands. The people are also extremely hospitable and incredibly friendly and there are so many interesting things to see and do. In case we haven't convinced you enough to make Chile your next holiday destination, we'll take a look at the top three interesting and unique things to do in the country.

Termas Geometricas

What do you get if you combine a lush forest with a hot spring spa and a maze made out of red planks of wood that wind themselves around the trees? It's a rather odd mix that almost feels like a Japanese mythological wonderland. It absolutely works though, we promise that you will absolutely love spending some time here while you are in Chile. Resting at the bottom of a canyon, this magical location is made up of 17 pools which are fed from a natural hot spring through pipes situated underneath the walkways of the maze. Next to each pool is a small changing room, perfect for getting into your costume before taking a relaxing dip into the wonderfully warm water.

See the eclipse

On the 2nd July 2019, there will be a total eclipse which will be visible in Chile. Total eclipses occur approximately once a year but where they can be seen from varies, when it comes to seeing them in the same location, you are looking at a long wait. This is the perfect opportunity to witness this wondrous natural phenomenon against a backdrop of beauty. It is going to be an amazing sight and we would urge you to make the most of this opportunity. Going on a packaged tour allows you to sample the best of Chile before heading to the seaside city of La Serena, one of the best places to see the eclipse. Sit back and relax on the white sands and enjoy the show.

Montana Magica Lodge

Why not enjoy a stay in a hotel that looks like a waterfall? This beautiful hotel is man-made but it looks as if it has been built into a natural stone structure with waterfalls cascading downwards. The hotel is hidden in the Huilo nature reserve set amongst a dense jungle and is only accessible by a wooden rope bridge. It makes you feel as if you are encountering a dwelling in Middle Earth and you almost expect to be greeted by a hobbit when you enter the hotel. The suites in the hotel are extremely comfortable and you will also find hot tubs made out of tree trunks overlooking the jungle. It really is magical.

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