Support Local Business with Locally.Us’s Summer Charleston Box

Charleston is just so cute, so we’re not surprised that craftspeople in town are making beautiful things!

Charleston is just so cute, so we’re not surprised that craftspeople in town are making beautiful things!

Back in April, JUGs got the chance to partner with Boston-based business Locally.Us and review their subscription box, which featured female artists and makers from around the Boston area. This summer, we were lucky enough to be able to partner with Locally.Us again to receive and review their Charleston Summer Box!

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How is Locally.Us different from other subscription boxes?

Who doesn’t love a good subscription box? What sets Locally.Us apart from others is that they work with all women-run businesses and studios. In the spring, they focused on Boston-based entrepreneurs, and for the summer season, they moseyed down south to collaborate with Charleston-based female owned businesses. Since I live in the Charlotte area and visit Charleston several times a year, it was a pleasure to learn more about these wonderful companies that are being founded and run by other women. 


What products were included? 

First things first, the box arrived with a sweet, personalized note from Locally.Us, saying how much they hoped I enjoy the subscription box! It was so much fun to check out all of the products that were included and that extra “touch” really made a huge difference as I began unboxing the package. 

Pineapple is the symbol of Charleston, so it was perfect to include an adorable pineapple note card from Island Hause Co. I’m planning to send it to a friend who is going through a difficult time and hoping it will brighten her day!

JoJo Rings handcrafts rings and wraps from recycled keys, and their tagline is “Keys for Change”. Each sale they make allows them to make a $5 contribution for charity. I’m always on the hunt for unique jewelry, and the ring I got from JoJo was one-of-a-kind. 

Another pineapple item that was included in the box were beautiful gold and white coasters from Turquoise and Palm Designs. Like myself, the co-founders moved down south from the northeast, and their goal is to incorporate the spirit of the southern coast into all of their products.


If you’re into delicious baked goods (and who isn’t?) you’ll love Grey Ghost Bakery’s Lemon Sugar cookies. They were the ideal blend of sweet and tart, and each cookie was soft enough to melt in your mouth. They have a bunch of other cookies listed on their website, and I would highly recommend checking out their bakery when visiting Charleston so you can try multiple flavors. 

Little Loom Designs is a shop for handmade woven and macramé wall art and accessories. Included in the box was the cutest wall loom to hang up in our home. The artist crafts everything by hand to make each piece different.

As someone who is currently pregnant and conscious of what I put on my body, Motherland Essentials uses eco-friendly, organic ingredients in reusable packaging. They included a charcoal detoxifying mask that reduces acne, redness, and fights allergic reactions from lotions. In addition to making my skin feel smoother, it has light spearmint scent that was so much more enjoyable than the smell of a lot of other facial products out there.

Finally, Borough sent a peach-themed clutch that will make the perfect travel carrier for makeup this summer! Their designs aim to celebrate the south and low country living. They use bright, happy colors in their products and just looking at this teal and peach clutch will make you smile. 

If you want to learn more about Locally.Us, head to their website at or check them out on Instagram @locallyus. Be sure to use code JUGS for $5 off your first subscription box! 

Heather Slugaski is a clinical social worker living and working in North Carolina. You can follow Heather on Twitter @heatherlynnsw.