We Tried A Reusable Menstrual Cup and Here's What Happened


It is our goal to reduce or stop using all single-use items. We bring our own coffee tumblers to the coffee shop, we bring our tote bags to the grocery store, and we’re replacing straws, zip lock bags, napkins, and, just about every other disposable item we can think of with reusable options. But when it comes to something as intimate as period-care, reusable options can be a bit intimidating—especially because many of us picked out our favorite tampon brands years ago and have stuck to them out of convenience. However, this convenience is misleading: there are better options out there for you and the planet.

Probably the healthiest and most sustainable option is a silicone menstrual cup, so we decided to give one a try.

What’s the Sileu Cup?

Sileu is one cup brand that we were particularly drawn to because they offer a few different shapes and sizes in order to fit different bodies. They also have a convenient carrying case as well as a silicone case that can be used for cleaning and sterilizing the cup.


The Pros & Cons

The benefits of using a Sileu or similar product are that they are made from reusable, nontoxic silicone — a cleaner option for your body as well as the earth when compared to disposable tampons made with chemically treated cotton and plastics. Cups also provide longer-lasting protection than most other options because it can stay in for up to 12 hours. It’s also budget-friendly because one cup can last 10 years, which is equivalent to approximately 3250 tampons!

The cons: it takes a few tries to get used to the insertion and removal process. It’s not bad, but removal, in particular, can feel a little awkward at first. For the first few uses, plan to take it out/clean it at home where you can be comfortable and in private. However, we can confidently say that the benefits of using a Sileu outweigh the downsides. After trying one a few times, we aren’t going back!

This post was sponsored by Sileu - but note that JUGS only accepts sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment.