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How To Plan A Group Vacation On A Budget
Part 3

The flight and lodging have been booked so you're almost done! The last essential item you need is a loose itinerary for your vacation. By “loose” we mean just a basic idea of territories you want to cover and attractions to visit. Of course plans can change on the fly, but a general day-to-day agenda helps avoid the back  and forth “I don’t know…what do you want to do?” and helps keep the budget in control.

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How to plan a group vacation on a budget
part 2

Now that the flight has been booked, the next step is lodging. While most of you probably won’t be spending much time in your hotel, there is still a lot of decision work to be done in order to get the best place at the best rate for your needs. Here are our tips (JUGs tricks of the trade), the ones we just used to book a room at the Ace Hotel for $30 less a night.

Talk Budgets, Again

Ok, we are saying this again because hotels are another major cost. It's extremely useful to figure out how much people are willing to spend a night on lodging before you start your search. Other important factors to find out: are people looking for a fancy hotel, a cheaper hotel, a trendy hotel, a hostel, a house or an apartment? Figure those things out first as it will all help narrow down your initial options.


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