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This daily read seems entirely appropriate as we’re one day away from the finale of Fashion Week., one of the most visited fashion sites is your go to spot for fashion news, trends and galleries upon galleries of inspiration from the red carpet, runways and streets.

The past few days I have been extra glued to the site for their reporting on NYFW. As I am unable (unworthy?) to attend NYFW, don't have time to monitor the live feeds, and absolutely do not have the brain capacity to scroll through the endless amounts of instagrams with the #NYFW tag, I am lucky to have to serve me my fashion inspiration on a silver platter when I want it. Do I need to convince you any further?

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Daily Read: Monika Hibbs

For those of you who have read blogs since the late 2000s, you know the veterans out there. Monika Hibbs of Vancouver is one of those trailblazers many bloggers have followed since discovery.  She has a curated sense of style you just drool over, and it's easy to enjoy watching her picturesque adventures, most recently a trip to Vegas with her husband.  Her tasteful home decor DIYs and recommendations are my personal favorite piece of her strong brand.  I could definitely stare at her home tour all the livelong day!

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