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Ladies Lounge is a monthly event series hosted by General Assembly Boston + Just Us Gals
that features Boss Ladies of the Boston community.


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Transitions to Tech Careers

march 21, 2018 | 6:30-8:30 PM | GA Boston

Are you thinking of transitioning into tech, but worried you don’t have the experience or the power to do so? Job searching is intimidating, but no matter your professional background, understanding where your career is lacking and then being able to take that next step is crucial. The ability to transition into the tech world is an invaluable skill to possess.

This edition of Ladies Lounge will provide practical advice that will empower you to explore new careers and help make yourself applicable in the world of technology. We'll discuss differences between startups and more traditional work environments, and what would best provide a fulfilling experience for you and your future. We’ll also cover how to get acquainted with Boston’s startup scene! Reserve your spot


Amanda McDermott 
Software Engineer, Tidelift

Cait Porte 
VP, Product Management, ZMags

Tara Griesbach 
Talent leader for growth companies in Boston

Jessica Cornman-Homonoff 
Instructional Associate