The Week of March 20th

Around Boston

Hope to see you on Thursday at our first ever Ladies Lounge Wellness Expo! We'll kick off the event with a guided meditation and then sip a few drinks while we learn about some amazing local businesses. 

Consider yourself a Boston Blogger? Check out the Boston Bloggers Spring Meet + Greet on March 27. 

We are loving Domestikated's beautifully curated list of women-run shops and restaurants in Boston!  

Around LA

If you love mascara as much as we do, you will not want to miss the Meet the Maker: Kjaer Weis at Detox Market on 3/22.

Love Yoga in Venice is doing a benefit class for the ACLU on 3/26. Sign up now

Jig+Saw, an all-women co-working space, is hosting a 7-year old's first art show on Sunday, 3/26 and it actually looks really cool! 

Career + Finance

Getting a job offer can be a rewarding and exciting time, but if you're considering making a move, ask yourself these 5 questions before relocating for a job

When it comes to finances, there is a lot on our to-do lists (#1 = save, save, save). But, here is a financial planner's list of what NOT do in your twenties

What you can do in 2017 to make buying a home a reality in 2018.

Health + Wellness

Admit it, you've tried doing your own blackhead extractions at home. Now do it the real way

Anti-inflammatory diets are all the rage. Here's exactly what to put on your grocery list if you want to try it out. 

Style + Decor 

Drooooooooling over this minimal plant-filled apartment

Boho chic clothing brands that are more ethical and sustainable than freepeople. 

5 Ways to Make Your Space More Ethical + Inviting

We strongly believe in the conscious consumer movement. While for large, global issues like climate change and social justice, we still need to advocate for governmental change and donate to organizations leading work in these areas, we also understand that our individual actions matter. We aim to lead by example and to minimize our negative impact on other people and the planet. Of course, we’re doing all this while trying to live normal lives...which can be exhausting! Here, we have some small, affordable changes to your home living and decor that make your home more ethical and inviting.

Warm Your Lighting Without Heating the Planet

By now, we know that incandescent light bulbs are super inefficient, wasting 90% of the energy they draw from the grid. Not only are they bad for the environment, they also make our electric bills unnecessarily expensive. So, obviously energy efficient lighting is better - but not every bulb is created equal. Some compact fluorescents (the swirly looking ones) take a while to warm up and turn on all the way - not to mention they can have issues with dimmers. And many LEDs give off a weird blue light that is not at all cozy. 
Our new solution? Meet the Finally Light Bulb. It looks like the old lightbulbs you’re used to, but uses Tesla technology to create the same, soft warm light, without wasting energy. These energy efficient bulbs are made by a Boston-based startup. Yassss! we love when our home decor also supports the Boston startup community and reduces our electricity use!

CONTEST: Post a photo to social media of a room in your home where you would like #Finallybulbs(use this hashtag and tag @FinallyBulbs) between now and 3/24 for a chance to win a free 2-pack of bulbs! 

Light a Sustainable Candle

Most candles are made from petroleum byproduct. Check the candles you have at home - if they say they are made from paraffin wax, you should probably toss ‘em. Instead, try lighting a locally poured soy, coconut, or beeswax blend candle. Take this to the next level by choosing an unscented option or one that explicitly uses organic essential oils for scent. That way your candle not only adds a bit of hygge, it also helps detoxify your home or apartment!

Add a Little Green

Plants provide multiple benefits. They help clean indoor air; they look nice, and they’re even proven to reduce stress! Not sure what to choose? Fiddle leaf fig trees and monstera plants make your space instantly instagram-worthy. A little bit of nature is really the answer to all of your decor woes. 

Embrace Minimalism

Breaking the cycle of consumerism is one of the most sustainable things you can do. By not buying unnecessary items, you are preventing strain on resources used to make the goods you would have bought, and less stuff ends up in the waste stream. Plus, we all know that a more minimal decor style not only looks tidier, but also cleaner, less claustrophobic and, often, more high-end. 

Always Have Something Baking

Take a clue from Clueless and get cooking when expecting company. Nothing makes
people feel more welcome and at home than a tasty treat. But not all snacks are created equal - stick to organic, locally-sourced whole foods. One of our favorites is homemade sweet potato fries! They are easy to make, healthy and not many people have allergies to them. Plus, offering healthy, ethically-sourced foods always looks more sophisticated!


This post was sponsored by Finally Bulbs. JUGs only accept sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment. 

Artist Perfects the Modern Art Map

Do you love Boston? Do you own a Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, AND Bruins t-shirt? Are you Boston Strong? Regardless, who doesn’t love this city enough to use a little bit of it in their home decor? We recently discovered a local artist that is creating beautiful modern art inspired by Boston. And not like head-scratching, abstract and obscure art, but art that you can actually afford and appreciate. Meet Jennifer of Modern Map Art.

Jennifer has always had a passion for travel - she’s visited 40 countries! - and a love of maps. She created Modern Map Art to share her passion with the world, literally. Her maps aren’t your usual geographical road map with interstates and lakes labeled; instead, they are simple and straightforward - no street names, just lines. This minimalist approach is intriguing and approachable for all art, Boston, and map lovers.


But Jennifer doesn’t create just maps, oh no, she’s branched into phone cases and pillows, with hopes to add apparel in the future. All major U.S. cities are available on her website,, and she does take custom orders. So next time you’re thinking of how much you adore the City of Champions, why not paste it on your wall!

Faith Kelnhofer is a new content contributor for JUGs! Learn more about her and the rest of our team on the 'about us' page. 

The Week of March 13th

Around Boston

Jumpstart your mornings with these adrenaline pumping workouts.

Looking for a job? These 4 "hot" companies are hiring!

Have you ever wanted to start a food business, but don't know where to begin?
Check out this food startup series.

Around L.A.

Looking for the best Irish pubs to raise a pint next weekend? Try one of these.

A new must-see exhibition at the California African American Museum revisits the events on the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots.

Career & Finance

What’s the best way for women entrepreneurs to help each other? 14 women have ideas for you.

This latina founder explains how giving into fear can be self-imposed defeat.

Health & Beauty

If you're thinking about traveling alone read this

Find your passion!

Winter can leave us feeling sluggish. Maybe a change to our diet can fix this feeling.

Style & Decor

Domino always has the best ideas. Here's how to make your sublet feel less like a sublet.

Goop thinks you should get cozy with one of these fiction reads

Make Learning your Side Hustle: CourseHorse is Coming to Boston

At JUGS, we believe in lifelong learning. We're avid readers, museum goers, and love to try new things, and we know that many of you do too. That's why we're thrilled to share that CourseHorse is coming to Boston!

What is CourseHorse?

CourseHorse makes local education more accessible by partnering with local class providers (places like General Assembly - our fav!) and helping them reach new audiences (you!). They offer courses that are great for boosting your professional skills as well as plenty that are just for fun - like painting, jewelry making or dance! 

Why We Love It

Now we don't have to search all over the web for interesting learning opportunities. It also provides lots of ways to be social and activities to do with friends (beyond the usual paint nite thing). Boston is already the most well-educated city in the nation and now we are ready to take that learning beyond traditional academia into lifestyle, arts, and business categories. 

Plus, there are plenty of classes that will help boost your career no matter what field you're in. Knowledge is power and now we basically have unlimited access to knowledge. Boom!