The Week of May 22


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Mark your calendars for June 22 for Ladies Lounge: Selling Like a Boss.

Free on Wednesday morning? Check out the SheStarts Breakfast

Yes, Boston, yes: The Forbes Under 30 Summit is coming back this year. 

Health & Beauty

Cauliflower smoothies, are you serious?

People are having babies later in life, and that is fine by us. 

Career & Finance

Here are all of the open jobs in Boston tech right now. 

This is key info if you are in the interviewing process: 8 small things that people use to judge your personality

Style & Decor

Your next party appetizer must be siracha meatballs! 

How to decorate your apartment like an adult

Speaking of being an adult, these are the 5 grown-up things you need to be doing in the kitchen.

How to Protect Your Phone and Computer from Viruses

The is a reason that digital detoxing is an actual thing. We use technology all. the. time. We're not going to lie, we LOVE tech. Our iphone cameras are our blogging + social media lifeline, and without our phones and computers, JUGS simply would not exist. That said, we don't do much to virtually protect our tech. Sure, we have renter's insurance incase our phones/computers get lost or stolen, but what about viruses, spam, and weirdness like that? Let's talk. 


Usually, we think of viruses as strictly a computer issue, but don't be fooled. In 2016, over a million android phones were damaged by something called the gooligan virus, and just last month, malware known as FalseGuide was inadvertently downloaded by two million people. You might be thinking, who would be stupid enough to download something sketchy at this day in age? But things are trickier than that. The malware was hidden in normal, typically trustworthy apps and games.

iPhone users are not immune either. There are plenty of viruses and hacks that target mac products. Be especially aware of error notices that don't look quite right. And do your research on EVERY app you download. 


First things first: don't use public wifi on a device that has sensitive information (think passwords, bank info, etc). Next, find out if your phone, computer or tablet is already compromised by any viruses. 

You can do this by scanning your device with an antivirus software, like AVG - which is compatible with mac (including phones), android, and PC. For phones, you can find it directly in the app store. They also have a second app called AVG Cleaner that helps clear out duplicate files and clutter, which is clutch for people like us who never seem to have enough storage room on our phones. 


You're probably more familiar with using antivirus scanning software on your computer. Nevertheless, if you don't currently have protection, it is time to beef up your security before hitting the coffee shop wifi or god forbid, the airport. We use AVG to protect our computers because, in addition to its new clean 2017 look, it comes very highly rated. They have a FREE trial which is great for checking if your computer is ok and getting some minimal protection. Gals that own businesses or have super-sensitive files may want to splurge for one of their paid options. Either way, some amount of security will give you serious peace of mind!


This post was sponsored by AVG Antivirus - but note that JUGS only accepts sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment. 

The Week of May 15th

Around Boston

Get your networking on with EF Travels and She Geeks Out on May 30th! Tickets are available here.

Did you grab your ticket for Boston Calling yet? 

One of our favorite Recycle spin instructors has a new blog!  

Around LA

If you need a group of gals to hit the hottest museums or galleries with, look no further than Gurl Museum Day

It's your last chance to catch the insta-popular Jason Rhoades exhibit (the show leaves town Sunday).

The gan behind one of my favorite LA food Instagram accounts is hosting the EEEEEATSCON this Saturday in Santa Monica. Safe to say I will be there.

Health & Beauty

This alarming report shows that sexual violence starts before college. It actually starts in K-12 school.

We're in the market for a new favorite non-toxic lipstick and this brand looks like it might be the one.

Have you been rejected lately? Read this.

There's no shame in self help

Career & Finance

This Facebook group came to reality as a response to the election and was intended as a place for women to connect to each other and inform one another. It has since turned into “IRL” groups in cities across the country.

Hey, do you want to invest in one of our favorite magazines? 

Style & Decor

I'm still a sucker for Ikea hacks and I'm always looking for new ideas like these!

Ashley Graham launches her memoir and more.


How to Use Instagram #Hashtags Like a Pro

Today, as Instagram accounts are close to becoming more important than a website, it's important to use relevant hashtags in your main captions or a comment below to attract your target audience members. 

By using relevant hashtags in your posts, your chances of gaining new followers, getting more likes and upping engagement significantly increases if you can get your post is a top performer for the hashtags used. It'll also help you land in good hands, aka accounts in the same space, or your market audience, versus random accounts who don't care about your content. Don't worry, you do not have to #hashtag #every #single #word in your post. 

Here's how we create strong hashtags:

1. Determine the main theme of our post

Are we posting about an American made clothing brand? A clean beauty brand? A local beer hall? A pretty door? A paleo entrée? Say we're posting about an American made brand. We probably want to think about hashtags like #USAmade, #SustainableBrand, #AmericanMade, or maybe #MadeinBoston, etc.

Screenshot 2017-05-10 19.08.39.png

2. Check with your audience and your competitors

Do a quick search to also see what other people are doing or what's trending. What tags does this clothing brand use? Do they have a brand specific tag? If so, add that. Do they use #EthicalFashion or #SustainableApparel? Or maybe #ConsciousBlogger is a good fit. Add those as well.

Screenshot 2017-05-10 19.08.07.png

3. Look at the stats

The chance of you outperforming the hundreds of thousands of other accounts vying for the top slot of the #USAmade feed will be pretty tough. As of now, there are 205,504 posts with that hashtag. But what about #SustainableFashionBlogger? There are only 5,131 posts on that feed. Depending on how your account is currently performing, you'll probably have a pretty good chance at sticking to the top of that feed for a bit and will hopefully catch the attention of some new followers. Add #SustainableFashionBlogger instead of #USAmade.

4. Search is your friend

Instagram is amazing and does a lot of the legwork for you in helping you find related hashtags. As you enter in hashtags in the search, take a peek at the options that populate and see how they're performing. We've found some real gems this way. And ended up in dark holes. Either way, it's a good thing.

5. Save your hashtags

I personally save mine in an iPhone Note, in a GoogleSheet and in my Later App account. That way I always have a foundation to start with. Nothing is worse than trying to think of strong hashtags on the go!

Book Club Discussion Questions for 'The Orphan Master's Son' by Adam Johnson

It's been a while since our last discussion guide, so let's kick off the summer reading season with this incredible read, The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson. And don't forget to check our library for our discussion guide archive. 

1. Woah, this book is a serious eye-opener on North Korea. Be honest, what did you know about this mysterious country before reading the book? 

2. Do you see the book as an accurate description of North Korea?

3. The main character goes through some very different stages in his life - his whole life reinvented over and over. Which part of the story did you find most engaging?

4. How is the propaganda in North Korea different or similar than the fake news problem that is sweeping the U.S.?

5. What did you think of the North Koreans' descriptions of the United States? 

6. Did Sun Moon love Pak Jun Do? How do you differentiate dependence and love in the story?

7. Why was Pak Jun Do so intrigued - or even obsessed - with the idea of the girl who rows in the night? 

8. Were there parts of the book you found confusing? Do you think this was intentional on the part of the author? The author has described his book as a "trauma narrative." What does he mean?

9. Is Pak Jun Do an orphan?

10. Lastly, would you recommend this book? What would you rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best)?