Book Club Discussion Questions for 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt

1. Rate the book A - F.

2. Many comparisons have been made between this book and Great Expectations and other Dickens books - do you see the similarities? Are they significant?

3. For most of the book, Theo is 13-15. Does that seem right? Does he seem wise beyond his years? Immature?

4. Does the book seem to accurately depict the feeling of loss? People's reaction to Theo's loss?

5. Theo meets many personalities throughout his young adulthood. Which do you like best?

6. What advice would you give to Theo if you met him after his mother passed?

7. Are there any good influences on Theo's life? What impact do they make?

8. Why do you think such a sad story has become such a popular novel?

9. Would you see a movie based on this book? Who would you pick to play each character?

- Cameron